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West Bank travel restrictions

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Full Restrictions

  • West Bank West Bank to Jerusalem: Authorities will evaluate case by case to identify if 14 days quarantine is needed when entering Jerusalem and Israel (GOI); No travel between Palestinian villages and cities in the West Bank, including to/from East Jerusalem, except for emergencies (PA). Al Jib Checkpoint is closed in both directions until further notice. Hizma and Qalandiya Checkpoints should be used as alternatives (GOI). All checkpoints between Jerusalem and Bethlehem and its surrounding suburbs in the West Bank are closed until further notice. Within West Bank: No travel between and within Palestinian villages and cities in the West Bank except for emergencies, or essential movement within each city or village from 10.00 to 17.00hrs. Authorities have increased movement restrictions in four additional villages of the west Bank: Bani Na’em, Sa’er, Bituniya and Aljdeireh. Currently there are a total of 17 locations in the West Bank with these restrictions, including cities (Bethlehem and Hebron), villages and one refugee Camp. Entry into Bethlehem is not allow, all those exiting Bethlehem must enter 14-days home quarantine. A state of emergency is in place across Area A of the West Bank. This includes the limiting of movement between Palestinian cities to essential travel only, the closure of all educational institutions, tourist and religious sites, and the cancelling of all bookings for foreign tourists (banning foreign tourists from West Bank hotels). The West Bank city of Bethlehem is under lockdown. Palestinians working in West Bank Israeli settlements are no longer permitted to enter these settlements. A ban on all non-essential movements outside one’s own accommodation is in place. Key workers, including health workers, pharmacists, bakers, public administration staff and those working in grocery stores are exempt from this ban. The Palestinian authorities have extended an ongoing state of emergency until at least 5 June. Anyone entering Gaza, regardless of origin, is subject to a 28-day quarantine in a specialised isolation centre.

    Relaxation of restrictions:

    On 5 May authorities said Palestine is entering the phase where barber shops and hair saloons can open on Fridays and Saturdays. Throughout the week; constructions sites, clothing, footwear and home appliances stores are planned to reopen. Public transportation will resume in Jenin, Jericho, Qalqilya, Salfit, Tubas and Tulkarem.

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