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Latest News:

International Restrictions:

*Restrictions in response to coronavirus: The ban on entry to foreign nationals was lifted on 12 August. Arrivals are subject to self-isolation and/or testing requirements (see following section). Face-masks must be worn in all public spaces.

*Testing / screening on arrival: You can now enter Armenia with a negative PCR test certificate issued a maximum of 72 hours prior to arrival. If you arrive without a certificate, and have no symptoms, you can pay for a PCR test at Zvartnots airport or the land border crossing from Georgia. You must then isolate until you receive a negative result. More information on the process for taking a PCR test, and a list of COVID-19 testing laboratories in Armenia, is available on the Zvartnots International Airport website.

*Entry borders to Armenia: On 12 January 2021, Armenia reopened its land borders with Georgia and Iran to foreign nationals. However, both neighboring countries retain their own strict border controls in response to COVID-19. You should check Georgia and Iran entry/exit requirements before attempting to cross land borders to/from Armenia. Internal Restrictions:

*Travel in Armenia: The nationwide State of Emergency in response to COVID-19 ended on 11 September, though a number of anti-pandemic protocols around social distancing and wearing of face-masks remain in place.

You must wear a facemask in all public or private transport, and in all public spaces. Breaches of mask-wearing protocols are subject to a 10,000AMD fine.

You should follow the advice of the Armenian authorities on permitted activities.

*Accommodation: Hotels and private rental accommodations are able to operate in Armenia during the pandemic, though several hotels remain closed from the earlier suspension of international tourism. You should check with accommodation providers before travel. Hotels are subject to government protocols on social distancing and the wearing of facemasks. *Public places and services: Shops, restaurants/cafes and manufacturing industries are currently able to operate in Armenia, with restrictions governing social distancing and the wearing of facemasks. Gatherings of up to 40 people are now permitted. Schools and universities have now reopened.

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