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Pre-travel testing (vaccinated): None
Pre-travel testing (unvaccinated): PCR
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Test on arrival (unvaccinated): None

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Latest News:

Internations Restrictions:

*Entry to Cameroon: There are now some commercial flight options to leave Cameroon. Cameroon has closed all its land, sea and air borders in response to coronavirus and has only partly reopened to nationals, residents, diplomats and professionals. Proof of a recent (no older than three days before application) negative coronavirus test must be provided to obtain a visa. Separately, you must have proof of a recent (no older than three days before first boarding) negative coronavirus test to board your flight to Cameroon and to enter at Yaoundé or Douala Airports. Your negative coronavirus test result should be in PDF format, clearly stating the date of the test and the type of test (e.g. PCR).

*Testing/screening on arrival: On 29 October, the Cameroonian authorities decreed that passengers coming from some countries particularly affected by COVID-19 (described as in ‘the red zone’, but with no further clarification) will be subjected to extra testing for COVID-19 on arrival at Yaoundé and Douala international airports. This is the Rapid Flow test. At present this includes all passengers arriving from Europe, including the UK. These tests are compulsory. Results are returned while passengers are at the airport. There is no fee. This is in addition to the requirement to have a negative test 72 hours before embarkation on the first leg of your journey to Cameroon.

*Quarantine requirements: If you have a proof of a recent (no older than three days before boarding) negative coronavirus test, you will normally not have to self-isolate. Anyone that has developed symptoms of Coronavirus on their travel or tests positive on arrival at Yaoundé or Douala airport must quarantine at a government-monitored hotel for 14 days. These requirements are regularly evolving. Internal Restrictions:

*Travel in Cameroon: Travel within the country should be limited to essential travel only. The authorities have banned public transport (taxis, buses, motorbikes) from taking more passengers than they have seats. You must wear a mask or face covering to be allowed to enter any airport in Cameroon.

*Accommodation: Accommodation is generally open at the current time.

*Public places and services: Gatherings of over 50 people are prohibited. Restrictions on bars, restaurants and entertainment spots have been lifted. Visits to public institutions, including government buildings, have been limited. You must wear a face mask in public spaces and there is systematic sanctioning of those people found to have breached restriction and confinement measures imposed on them. Schools and other educational establishments have reopened, except in the North West and South West regions, where many remain closed due to the ongoing conflict.

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