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Latest News:

International Restrictions:

*Entry to Moldova: On entering Moldova, you must complete a form containing certain information about your state of health (relevant to the COVID pandemic) and confirming that you will self-isolate for 14 days unless exempt from doing so. You will be exempt from self-isolation if you present a printed negative result from a PCR test conducted less than 72 hours before your time of embarkation (if travelling by mass transport) or your arrival time at the border (if travelling by private means). Current rules do not specify whether electronic documents are acceptable, but you are recommended to bring your test result in paper form. The test result can be in English, Romanian, Russian, German, Italian or French.

You will also be exempt from self-isolation if you can present proof of having received a vaccination against COVID-19. The rules do not specify that two doses must have been received. The document proving you have been vaccinated can be in English, Romanian, Russian, German, Italian or French. You should check for updates on border crossings with Ukraine and Romania on the Moldovan Border Police website. *Quarantine requirements: In addition to the exemptions mentioned above, the following categories of traveller are also exempt from self-isolation: • children under 5 years old; • drivers of cargo vehicles and passengers transport; • persons traveling for medical treatment, or humanitarian reasons; • students coming for studies, exams, or academic contests upon presenting confirmation papers; • workers with a visa, residence permit, or work contract; • persons returning from a work-related visit abroad upon providing a confirmation that they were delegated to travel; •members of official visiting delegations; • cross-border workers; • crews and service personnel of aircraft, ships, and trains; • passengers in transit; • sportsmen and accompanying staff traveling to international sports events; • persons summoned by Moldovan law enforcement institutions; • diplomatic passport holders and their family members. Persons in self-isolation may stop self-isolating if they take a PCR test after day 10 and the result is negative.

*Transdniestria: To enter the Transnistrian region of Moldova you need to submit a form to the Transnistrian de facto authorities for prior approval at least 24 hours before your planned arrival date. If you present a negative PCR test result taken within 72 hours before entering the Transnistrian region of Moldova, or take a test upon arrival and the result is negative, you will not be required to self-isolate for 14 days.

*Data collection: Upon arrival to Moldova, you must fill out an epidemiological form. This form is to be submitted to immigration officials. Internal Restrictions:

*Travel in Moldova: There are no local travel restrictions in place in Moldova.

*Accommodation: Some hotels are open with no restrictive measures in place.

*Public places and services: Moldova has announced a state of emergency in public health that will be in place until 18 April 2021. Measures include the closure of restaurants and bars between 8pm to 7am (food delivery services are operating). Night clubs and karaoke bars are closed. Theatres and concert halls are closed until further notice. Markets are open between 7am and 3pm. Malls and commercial centres are closing at 6pm. Groups of three or less may gather publicly. People over 63 are not able to leave the house unless absolutely necessary. Most types of the events are prohibited. Most schooling is online. You must wear a mask outside and in enclosed spaces such as supermarkets, restaurants, bars and on public transport. Officials have the authority to issue fines for non-compliance.

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