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Latest news: Indonesian government to stop issuing visas for foreign travelers entering from India because of COVID-19 (Reuters, 23.04.2021).

International Restrictions:

*Entry to Indonesia: Indonesia is in the process of implementing a series of changes to admission for foreign nationals in response to the discovery of the new variant Covid strain. While these are being rolled out, in addition to meeting the categories below, you should reconfirm your eligibility to enter Indonesia with your travel agent/airline and the Indonesian Embassy. This can be done by contacting the Consular Section of the Indonesian Embassy on: consular@indonesianembassy.org.uk.

Currently, all non-Indonesian travellers are prohibited from entering Indonesia, although there are exceptions to this ban - including for those with KITAS/KITAP. This system remains in place until further notice, though is under regular biweekly review.

If you are a British national, starting your journey from the UK or from another country, you may be able to enter Indonesia if you meet one of the following exceptions to the ban:

• Holders of diplomatic and official/service visa for the purpose of a ministerial official visit.

• Holders of diplomatic and official/service stay permit.

• Holders of Indonesia Temporary Residence Card (KITAS) and Indonesia Permanent Residence Card (KITAP).

• Foreign nationals due to special discretion and provided with written permission from relevant ministries/government institutions.

• Visitor Visa (for emergency and essential work, a business meeting, probationary period for foreign worker, medical, food, humanitarian aid or a crew member joining a vessel)

Entry requirements if you meet the above criteria are:

• You must be in possession of a health certificate confirming a negative COVID-19 PCR test (swab test) result. From 1 January, your certificate must be issued a maximum of 72 hours prior to your departure for Indonesia. The certificate must be in English

• You will need to undergo a further COVID-19 swab test on arrival and then quarantine at your own expense in a designated hotel for a period of 5 days. After 5 days you will undertake a third PCR test. If this is negative, you will be allowed to proceed with your journey. If the test is positive, you will be referred to hospital

• You are required to complete the Indonesian eHAC registration and be able to produce the QR code generated on arrival in Indonesia for inspection

• With effect from 23 April, you will not be granted a visa if you have been in India in the 14 days prior to arriving in Indonesia.

You should arrange to take a private test.

*Health certificate: All visitors will also need to present your health certificate showing a negative COVID-19 PCR test result as stipulated above at check-in ahead of any scheduled travel. Failure to present a health certificate may result in your being prevented from boarding the plane, or denied entry or transit in Indonesia. You should comply with any additional screening measures put in place by the authorities.

On arrival at Indonesian airports, all visitors must also complete and submit a Health Alert certificate to the Health Quarantine Office. More information is available regarding coronavirus in Indonesia via the Ministry of Health.

*More information: Full details of the travel restrictions for foreign visitors are available in English on Twitter via DitJen Imigrasi (@ditjen_imigrasi). For more information, contact your nearest Indonesia Embassy. Internal Restrictions:

*Travel in Indonesia: Mudik Travel. The Indonesian Government have introduced measures designed to stop the spread of COVID during the Mudik period by limiting travel and increasing testing. Specifically, from 22 April until 24 May, if you are travelling by land, sea or air you will need to be able to produce a rapid antigen test or negative PCR test result taken within 24 hours of travelling. This is for both the outward and return journey.

In addition, from the period 6-17 May inclusive, travel is only permitted for distribution services, Official business or in compassionate circumstances (birth or death). Large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) in Jakarta are being eased in a number of stages. Essential services are available, but public activities (including schools, offices, religious activities, social and cultural gatherings and public transportation) continue to be limited to maintain social distancing. It is mandatory to wear a face mask when outside. Criminal sanctions may apply for violations of the restrictions. Similar restrictions apply in some other areas in Indonesia.

Public health measures by the Indonesian authorities include some restrictions on in-country air travel. Foreign tourists continue to be able to travel on domestic flights within Indonesia to catch connecting international flights. Passengers travelling on domestic flights may need:

• a certificate issued to confirm that they are free of COVID-19

• a completed airline travel declaration form

• a completed Indonesian e-HAC form (online)

*For anyone leaving Jakarta: New Governor regulation issued on 17 December states that individuals arriving in, and departing from, Jakarta via all modes of transport, should provide as a minimum a negative rapid antigen test result.

• Rapid antigen tests can be taken at Jakarta International Airport (Terminal 3) prior to departure.

• Negative PCR test results are still admissible. Rapid antibody test results will not be.

• The regulation does not specify any time limits on test result validity

*For domestic passengers travelling to Bali: If flying to Bali, you will need:

A negative PCR swab test result taken within 24 hours of departure to Bali and a completed e-HAC Indonesia form (online). A PCR swab result is valid for 24 hours. For those arriving by sea a negative rapid test is required

You should check the latest requirements with your airline directly. The Garuda airlines travel declaration form is available on our social media channels.

Please consult the following website for up to date information on testing requirements as the situation can change quickly: https://www.garuda-indonesia.com/uk/en/news-and-events/kebijakan-operasional-terkait-covid19.

Destination Denpasar: must show a health certificate with a negative RT-PCR test/negative rapid antigen test result issued within a maximum period of 1 x 24 hours before departure or a negative test result of GeNose C19 no later than 1 x 24 hours before departure, if GeNose C19 service test is available at the Departure Airport.

*Accommodation: Accommodation, including hotels and private rental options, continue to be open for business across Indonesia. Social distancing measures are being applied in hotels.

*Public places and services: Previous restrictions are gradually being eased and shops, bars and restaurants are resuming business, operating at 50% of their normal capacity and with social distancing of 1 metre. Restrictions remain on large public gatherings.

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