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Pre-travel testing (vaccinated): PCR / LFT
Pre-travel testing (unvaccinated): PCR / LFT
Test on arrival (vaccinated): None
Test on arrival (unvaccinated): None

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Latest News: Vietnamese aviation authorities propose resumption of international arrivals from several Asian countries from July; other regions from September (Bloomberg , 31.03.2021).

International Restrictions:

*Entry to Vietnam: Vietnam has suspended visa waivers, issuing of visas and the entry into Vietnam for all foreign nationals. There are a very small number of exceptions for diplomats on official business and certain high-skilled workers. These will be processed on a case by case basis. Such applications are required to be led by Vietnamese employers who must work directly through individual provincial government offices. The requirements and process may differ from province to province. The costs of quarantine, both in government centres and designated hotels, must be paid by those arriving or their employers.

*Land borders: Borders with China, Cambodia and Laos are currently closed except for the import and export of goods and returning Vietnamese nationals.

*Transiting Vietnam: Currently transit in Vietnam is not allowed.

*Data collection: Those arriving in Vietnam are required to provide information about recent travel.

*Testing on departure: There is no requirement for testing on departure though anyone who has tested positive previously may be asked to show their negative test results and release certificates. *Quarantine requirements: Quarantine is mandatory for anyone who may have come in to contact with coronavirus inside Vietnam and for most coming to Vietnam Vietnamese government quarantine centres are basic. There are provisions for people who are exceptionally allowed to enter the country for work to be allowed to undertake quarantine in a hotel approved by the Ministry of Health. This is not guaranteed, is time consuming and must be arranged by your employer in Vietnam before you enter Vietnam.

The Vietnamese government has confirmed that anyone entering Vietnam from 1 September 2020 must pay for quarantine costs both in government centres and in designated hotels. You will also be responsible for paying for any coronavirus hospital treatment costs.

Vietnam’s quarantine requirements are mandated by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health. Violations carry strict penalties.

Quarantine lasts a minimum of 21 days and will be longer if you test positive at any point. If you test positive, you will be treated in a Vietnamese hospital. Following discharge you will be expected to undertake a period of self-isolation for 7 days during which you should not leave your home and should follow the instructions issued by the local authorities. You should expect to be tested at least 5 times prior to release, and will be required to produce at least 3 consecutive negative tests during quarantine and a further two consecutive negative tests during self-isolation.

Once you have completed quarantine and self-isolation you should receive a document specifying this. You should keep this, as you may need to present it customs/airport officials when you leave Vietnam.

Vietnam uses community testing as a means to provide assurance that COVID-19 is not being transmitted undetected. Should you be asked to undertake testing, you should comply. Failure to comply can be an offence with significant punishments.

Internal Restrictions:

*Public spaces and services: The measures to combat COVID-19 vary from province to province and can be expected to increase and change at short notice. You should be alert to local variations, take a precautionary approach and be ready to comply with local authorities. Mask wearing is compulsory in public settings. Those not wearing masks may be liable to spot fines.

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