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Latest News:

International Restrictions:

*Restrictions in response to coronavirus: Passengers arriving into Guyana must obtain a negative COVID-19 PCR test, taken within seven days prior to their arrival. If you arrive with a test completed within 72 hours you will be allowed immediate entry into Guyana without restrictions. Passengers with tests within four to seven days prior to arrival in Guyana will be subjected to a second PCR test at the point of entry but will be allowed to self-isolate in their hotel or home until a negative result is obtained. You will not be allowed on the plane at the point of departure if your test is more than 7 days old. The test on arrival costs GY$16,000.

*Borders: The Governments of Brazil and Suriname have both announced the closure of borders with neighbouring countries, including Guyana. There is no exit/entry available to Venezuela. Guidance for travellers coming to Guyana from a COVID-19 affected country is available from the Guyana Ministry of Public Health. The Guyana Ministry of Public Health hotline is +592 624 3067 and +592 227 4986 ext 215. Internal Restrictions:

*Moving around in Guyana: The Chief Medical Officer from the Guyana Ministry of Public Health has urged people to exercise social distancing and carry out measures to reduce the spread of the virus. Emergency measures have been introduced by the National COVID-19 Task Force. These include: curfew between 10:30pm and 4am; except where provided in the Emergency Measures, every person should remain in the confines of their own home; there are restrictions on all social activities. This includes activities along the sea wall, attending bars, restaurants and gymnasiums; where gatherings are allowed it shall not exceed more than 10 people; Be mindful that breaches of quarantine may result in serious penalties. Countries that you visit or transit may levy fines or imprisonment against persons who do not comply with COVID protocols.

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