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Tuvalu travel restrictions

Open for citizens: no Open for foreigners: no Open for tourism: no Quarantine: no
Flight Restrictions

Tuvalu’s borders are closed.


No declared quarantine measures, but health screening will be conducted at Funafuti airport and seaport, and may also be conducted at Nausori (Fiji) Airport and Tarawa (Kiribati) Airport.


COVID-19 negative certification required for entering the country


Yellow fever (2019)
Country requirement at entry: no
WHO vaccination recommendation: no

  • Tuvalu

    International restrictions:

    Travellers who have been to China within the past 30 days will be denied entry. This restriction includes seafarers from foreign vessels that have been in China or COVID-19 affected countries. Travellers who have been to COVID-19 affected countries in the last 30 days need to obtain medical clearance three days before entering the country. Additionally, travellers must have remained in a country not affected by COVID-19 for at least five days prior to attempting entry. Health screening will be conducted at Funafuti airport and seaports.

    Internal restrictions:

    All public gatherings of ten or more people are banned.

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