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Latest News: Government will reopen land borders on 1 June (, 25.05.2021). Several airlines plan to resume flights to, from Georgia (Georgian Journal, 19.05.2021).

International Restrictions:

*International travel: Georgia’s airspace reopened on 1 February, however the schedule of commercial flights to and from Georgia remain limited. Land and sea borders remain closed.

*Entry to Georgia: Foreign citizens from a limited number of countries, including the UK, are now allowed to enter Georgia by air under the following conditions:

(1) Unrestricted entry for citizens of any country, including the UK, who have documentary proof of having received a full course of COVID vaccination.

(2) Other UK citizens can enter Georgia provided your travel to Georgia originates in the UK or one of the other countries listed on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. You must travel direct by air and submit a travel history in advance, present on arrival a negative PCR test taken within the previous 72 hours and take a further PCR test at your own expense on your third day in Georgia. Mandatory 14-day quarantine is imposed on anyone who has been in India in the previous 14-day period.

*Entry permits and extensions: For foreign citizens who were legally in Georgia before 14 March 2020, the Georgian Government has extended the period that their entry permits remain valid until 1 July 2021, provided the overstay was caused by one of the following circumstances, which must be documented:

• if the person’s home country was a COVID high risk zone

• if there were border restrictions in the person’s home country

• if the person was in hospital or self-isolating for health reasons

• if the person could not leave Georgia due to cancelled flights.< br> If you were legally in Georgia by 14 March and wish to renew your stay without applying for a residence card, you will need to book an appointment at Public Service Hall. You should attend your appointment with a Georgian-speaker as you will need to make your renewal application and be interviewed in Georgian. Your application must include the reason why you could not renew your visa in time. The fee is 50 lari Public Service Hall will review the case and make a decision within three days on whether, and if so, for how long to renew your visa.

If during your visit to Georgia up to March 2020 you were driving using your UK driving license, and you have not been able to leave Georgia since due to Covid restrictions, you can continue to drive using the UK licence (provided it remains valid) for the remainder of your current visit to Georgia.

If you are working or studying in Georgia and meet the requirements for a Georgian Residence Permit, you should apply for this through Public Service Hall. You should not remain on a visitor’s entry permit indefinitely.

If you are in Georgia for more than 183 days and take up any form of paid employment, you are automatically liable for income tax and must inform the Revenue Service of your employment, whether you are on a visitor’s permit or officially resident. Non-compliance will be fined.

Internal Restrictions:

*Travel in Georgia: Inter-city public transport, municipal transport and taxis are operating normally. A previous restriction on numbers in taxis has been lifted. Face masks must be worn in all public transport and taxis.

*Accommodation: An increasing number of hotels and other rental accommodation are open. Face masks must be worn when entering public spaces inside hotels and rental accommodation.

*Public spaces and services: There is a nationwide curfew on both vehicular and pedestrian movement from 11pm to 5am, with exceptions for emergency, pharmaceutical, delivery, media and international transport. Violation will result in a 2,000 Lari fine. Enforcement of regulations on social distancing and masks remains in place. No more than 10 people can participate in social gatherings, indoor or out. Museums, gyms and, to a limited extent, theatres have re-opened.

Restaurants are open on weekdays for both indoor and outdoor service, and opened at weekends from 21 May for outdoor service only. Delivery/drive-through services operate every day of the week. Kindergartens and classroom schooling has resumed although distance learning remains in some cases. Shopping malls and open-air markets are open. Systematic COVID testing of staff working in trading, catering and teaching professions is taking place. Working from home continues to be recommended where possible.

It is mandatory to wear masks inside shops, hotels and restaurants, and in outdoor public spaces. Failing to do so can result in a 20 Lari fine for an individual or 500 Lari for a legal entity. You can find full details of the latest restrictions from the Government of Georgia.

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