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Pre-travel testing (vaccinated): Keiner
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Test on arrival (unvaccinated): PCR / ISO

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Latest News: Panama closes borders with Colombia amid COVID-19 concerns (RCN, 19.05.2021). Stricter COVID-19 measures in Chiriqui and Veraguas (OSAC, 13.05.21).

International Restrictions:

*Entry rules in response to coronavirus (COVID-19): International flights have resumed to and from Tocumen International Airport. An electronic affidavit of good health for all travellers entering the country needs to be filled in upon arrival. The affidavit form will be available at the website: The completed affidavit will generate a QR code, which will needs to be scanned on arrival at Tocumen Airport.

Panama encourages the use of the IATA Travel Pass app. This app will have up-to-date information on travel restrictions, authorised labs for COVID-19 tests and vaccine information. It will have the option to enter personal data, such as vaccination information and tests undertaken. The government will accept the “OK to Travel” certification from this app as a validation for COVID-19 tests on travellers.

Entry restrictions on people who have been in the UK, South Africa, India or South America within 15 days of their arrival into Panama

From 3 May, travellers who have spent the last 15 days in the UK, South Africa, India or South America, or have transited through the UK, South Africa, India or South America, must provide a negative PCR or antigen test taken no more than 48 hours before their arrival in Panama. Upon arrival in Panama, travellers must take another test prior to registering with the immigration authorities. Travellers will have to cover the cost of this additional test themselves.

If the additional test is negative, travellers must still quarantine in their homes, or at a government approved observation facility, for three days. After the third day, travellers will be tested again. If the results of the day three test are negative, the quarantine measures can end. If the result of the additional test is positive, travellers need a PCR-RT by +ICGES test and must quarantine for 14 days at a government facility.

From 3 May, travellers can comply with the above-mentioned three-day quarantine at a pre-approved hotel facility at their own expense. The official list can be found at:

You should arrange to take a private test. From Monday 24 May, all travellers entering the country that have the Digital Certification of Vaccination (DCV) for more than 14 days with the IATA Travel Pass, plus a negative COVID-19 test, will be exempt from quarantine

*Entry for Panama: Entry into Panama is open to Panamanian nationals, residents, tourists and business travellers who have a negative COVID-19 PCR test results. You must take the test no more than 48 hours before you arrive in Panama.

Upon arrival in Panama, travellers will be expected to take another COVID-19 PCR test. Travellers are responsible for covering the costs. If you have a negative result, you do not need to quarantine. If the results are positive, travellers need a PCR-RT test by +ICGES and will be required to comply with a 14 quarantine at a government facility.

*Transiting Panama: It is now possible to transit Panama. You will need to have the following items:

• Negative COVID-19 PCR test results. The test must be taken within 48 hours of your travel to Panama

• Confirmed onward flight

Unless you meet entry requirements, you will not be allowed to leave the airport during your transit.

You should check the requirements for your country of final destination as requirements may vary.

*Data collection: You will be required to give address details of your accommodation and a contact telephone number. You will also be required to download a tracing application to your smartphone.

Internal Restrictions:

*Travel in Panama: Panama is currently under a state of emergency, and a curfew is in place. Measures in place to combat the spread of COVID-19 vary by province. Sanitary cordons may be imposed at short notice to restrict travel between provinces. Domestic flights are operating.

*Nationwide measures: From 19 April, there is a nationwide daily mandated curfew from 12 midnight until 4am. Stricter provincial measures may also apply. Subject to provincial measures, leaving your home/accommodation is permitted between the hours of 4am and 10pm, unless you have any symptoms of COVID-19, or have otherwise been ordered to quarantine by the Panamanian authorities.

If you are arriving internationally during the hours covered by the curfew, you are allowed to travel to your accommodation if you can provide proof of your arrangements or flight details (boarding pass, flight itinerary and/or other forms of proof) to the requesting authorities. ‘Salvoconductos’ (travel permits) are only necessary for those undertaking essential activities that require movement during curfew hours.

Beaches and rivers will be open from 6am until 6pm, from Monday to Sunday. Only family bubbles will be allowed to enter beaches. No big groups will be permitted and alcohol consumption will be prohibited. Social areas and pools in buildings can operate at up to 25% capacity, with limits on numbers to be supervised by each building administration.

Restaurants can continue to operate with the following conditions in place:

• Alcohol can be served only with meals.

• A 2 metre distance between tables must be maintained.

• They must close at 11pm (Delivery can also continue until 11pm).

• All personnel must use facemasks, face shields and comply with biosecurity measures.

Shops must comply with a 50% capacity rule to prevent overcrowding.

All gatherings in public or commercial areas remain prohibited. Work-related gatherings are allowed for up to 25 people as long a 2 metre distance is kept between each person and other biosecurity measures are met.

*Sanitary Cordons and Checkpoints: From 17 February, the sanitary cordon in the district of Capira will be removed and replaced with a checkpoint.

Sanitary cordons and checkpoints can be introduced with little or no notice. You may be randomly tested for COVID-19 if you are stopped.

*Travel to and from the airport: Airports, ports and boarders will remain open; proof of good health will be required at these entry points. If you are travelling to and from the airport, it will be necessary that you have a copy of your plane ticket or itinerary. If you will be travelling to the airport to pick someone up or drop someone off, please have a copy of that person’s plane ticket or itinerary as well. You will need to show these at the different checkpoint in order to continue with your journey.

*Public spaces and services: Face masks.The wearing of masks outside of your accommodation is compulsory nationwide.

*Transport: Uber has resumed services in Panama. Yellow taxis have a reduced presence. The police and security forces are empowered to enforce restrictions on movements and events due to the current state of emergency. You must follow their instructions. The wearing of masks is mandatory on all public transport. Face shields / visors are recommended.

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