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International Restrictions:

*International travel: Skopje International Airport and St. Paul the Apostle Airport in Ohrid are open, and commercial flights are operating but with reduced schedules. Check with your travel company for the latest information. Any travellers arriving from India will need to self-isolate for 14 days.

*Entry to North Macedonia: There is no requirement for passengers arriving from the UK to self-isolate on the basis of their travel history. No PCR test is required. You may still need to self-isolate for health reasons (if you have coronavirus, if you have had contact with someone with coronavirus, of if you are waiting for the outcome of a PCR test). All land border crossings in North Macedonia are open for movement of passengers and vehicles. However neighbouring countries may have different entry and exit restrictions on their side of the border. Please check before travelling. Skopje International Airport and Ohrid Airport “St. Apostle Paul” are open and commercial flights have resumed, but with reduced schedules. Some border crossings in neighbouring countries are still closed or subject to entry requirements. It is your responsibility to ensure that you can enter the next country on your journey. Internal Restrictions:

*Travel in North Macedonia: Public transport and taxi services are permitted to operate in North Macedonia. Protective face coverings must be worn when travelling on public transport. A nationwide curfew is currently in place, which all citizens, with a few exceptions for key workers, must obey. From 13 May, the movement of people and public transport vehicles is banned between 12 midnight until 5am the next morning.

The curfew does not apply to people in need of emergency medical assistance but permission must be sought from the local police prior to travel. The curfew does not apply for passengers arriving or departing from international airports with a valid ticket. Travellers that are transiting through the country will not be allowed to stay in the territory for more than three hours after crossing the border.

*Public spaces and services: Wearing of protective face coverings is required when visiting indoor public spaces, such as markets, post offices, health institutions, shops, banks, including when using public transport. Protective face coverings are also required outside, except in certain circumstances including:

• playing sports while respecting all other relevant health protocols

• when driving in a private passenger vehicle if alone or with persons with whom you live

• when in the yard of a family home alone or with persons who live there

• while sitting in cafes, restaurants or other catering facilities which respect all other relevant health protocols

• if younger than 6 years old

• if required to wear another type of job-specific protective equipment

• if you have a recognised health condition

In April, the Government of North Macedonia introduced additional measures for the protection of public health and citizens that applies to the entire territory of the Republic of North Macedonia. From 12 May, restaurants, bars and coffee shops will be allowed to work until 11:30pm, provided they have outdoor seating. Different rules apply for hotels, hostels, other accommodation facilities and Skopje/Ohrid airports which allow them to use indoor facilities for e.g. guests.

Some businesses are allowed to open including shops in shopping malls, supermarkets and grocery stores but they may operate with reduced working hours and limits are placed on the number of people entering shopping facilities at any time. Betting shops and casinos are to be closed for visitors.

Gyms and fitness centres are allowed to open. There is a ban on gathering in groups and groupings of more than four people in public space, parks, or any open area. This applies to the entire territory of the country every day during the week.

Health and safety protocols are in place on beaches including wearing of face coverings and social distancing, and at swimming pools. Other measures include cancellation of some cultural and sporting events; restrictions on gatherings in public areas and closure of some schools and universities. Indoor events can be held with up to 30% of the capacity of the closed space and in accordance with health and safety protocols.


Other: closed/cancelled

Restrictive measures mandatory between 18 March 2020 to TBD

State of Emergency

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