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International Restrictions:

*Entry to Belize: The Philip Goldson International Airport (Belize City) is open with strict COVID-19 protocols in place. All Belize land borders remain closed. Maritime borders are now open for yachting tourism via the authorised ports of San Pedro, Belize City and Placencia.

On 18 March, the Government of Mexico partially closed its land borders with Belize, the US and Guatemala as a preventive measure against COVID-19. This measure applies to non-essential travel across land borders and will be in place from 19 March to 20 May. International air travel is not affected. If you were planning to enter Mexico by land from Belize, you can contact the Mexican Embassy in Belize for more information on the current restrictions.

If you wish to travel to Belize, prior to arrival you must:

• Take a screenshot or print the QR Code and TRIP Number that will be generated when you complete the App - to have readily available on the day of your travel. You will need to show these at check-in, before boarding, and upon arrival in Belize.

• (for tourists) Book your stay at an approved Gold Standard accommodation.

• Take a PCR test within 96 hours prior to travel or Rapid Antigen, Sofia, SD Blosensor, and ABBOTT (Panbio) COVID-19 test within 48 hours prior to travel.

• A negative result will provide a ‘fast track’ arrival process

• Although a negative PCR result will provide a ‘fast track’ arrival process at the international airport, you may be randomly selected for secondary testing. If you are unable to take a test prior to travel, you must take a test on arrival at your own expense for US$50 per passenger

• If you can provide proof of having received two full doses of COVID-19 vaccine on arrival at the airport, you will be exempt from any testing on arrival

• If entering by sea, you must give 72-hour notice of arrival and use a Shipping Agent specially licensed to enter non-commercial vessels. There is a set tariff of no more than US$150.00

If you receive a positive test result you will be put into mandatory quarantine for a minimum of 14 days at an approved quarantine hotel at your own expense.

Further information is available from the Belize Tourism Board, Travel Belize or Belize Port Authority.

Whilst travel by air and some seaports has resumed, all Belize land and other sea borders remain closed for entry with the following exceptions, all subject to pre-approval:

• Belize nationals and permanent residents,

• foreign diplomats accredited to Belize,

• a holder of a valid work permit,

• a businessperson with investments in Belize,

• a consultant or specialist technician required to be in Belize

If you are eligible for entry via land or seaports, you must have approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or your nearest Belize Consulate or Embassy prior to arrival. Internal Restrictions:

*Travel in Belize: Regulations remain in force to prevent, control, contain and suppress the spread of coronavirus. The Government of Belize has announced a nationwide curfew to prevent the spread of COVID-19 until further notice. The curfew is from Sunday to Wednesday nights 10pm to 5am, and Thursday to Saturday nights midnight to 5am for adults and 6pm to 5am every day for minors.

The Statutory Instruments that set out the requirements in Belize can be found here and include:

• The wearing of masks and social distancing in public remains mandatory at all times. However if you are in a motor vehicle or on a bicycle, you are no longer required to wear a facemask

• No gatherings of more than 10 people

• No private parties with people outside your household

• Pubs, bars, nightclubs, discotheques and rum shops are closed

• Restaurants, saloons, and diners may offer dine in services by reservation only Seating capacity is capped at 75%

• Casinos and gaming establishments are now open

• Gymnasiums are open but capped at 50% capacity per hour and are by appointments only

• Non-contact sports and competitive non-contact sporting events or recreational contact sports are allowed as long as Covid-19 protocols are followed

• Contact sports are allowed but not open to spectators

• Walking, running and cycling is allowed as long as social distancing protocols imposed

• Church services or other services of worship are permitted but capped at 50% capacity and not allowed to exceed two hour

• No social events

• Spas, beauty salons and barbershops are allowed to operate with appointment only subject to social distance protocols

• No owner or manager of a business, office or establishment to allow any person to enter that business, office or establishment without wearing a face mask

• Schools are open subject to meeting safety / readiness standards.

The Belize authorities will be strictly enforcing the statutory instrument measures, including for:

• Not social distancing

• Not wearing of masks

• Public transport, public services and commercial companies being held accountable for customers who do not adhere to the law in their establishments.

• Entering Belize illegally

• Caught with contraband goods from those who entered Belize illegally.

• Bribing any member of the security forces

• Members of the security forces extorting money from individuals

If you violate these measures, you will be returned to your port of entry at your own expense. If you cannot be returned immediately, you will be placed into mandatory quarantine at a government designated facility which may be at your own expense.

*Tourism: Belize has reopened to tourists (via International Airport and San Pedro, Belize City and Placencia seaports only) with a Tourism Gold Standard program, which has been specifically developed for hotels, restaurants, tour operators and other relevant businesses to enhance their health and safety standards.

Before travelling, you must book an approved Gold Standard accommodation and present confirmation on arrival.

Tourists can move around freely in Belize but are highly encouraged to remain within the safety corridor and use Gold Standard restaurants, tour sights, gift shops and certified transportation.

Further information can is available from the Belize Tourism Board, Travel Belize or Belize Port Authority .

See Entry requirements to find out what you will need to do when you arrive in Belize. You may need to quarantine, subject to testing, at your own expense.

All tourists must comply with the current Statutory Instrument. See Travel in Belize.

*Public spaces and services: The wearing of face masks and social distancing is mandatory at all times. Public transport is running with seated only capacity. Public services have also resumed and commercial businesses are open (with a maximum of 10 people). This includes shops, hotels, and restaurants. Protocols have been put in place to adhere to social distancing and hand sanitising on entry. Please follow the guidance at each location.

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