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Latest News: Disruption expected as authorities impose 14-day quarantine measures on all pilots of China Airlines (AeroTime, 10.05.2021). Taiwanese government bars entry of foreign travelers who have recently been to India (Reuters, 03.05.2021).

International Restrictions:

*Entry rules in response to coronavirus (COVID-19): -Travel ban on foreign nationals: The authorities have announced a temporary ban on foreign nationals entering, or transiting, Taiwan, with the exception of residents. These measures will be effective from 19 May until 18 June and will be adjusted on a rolling basis depending on the latest COVID-19 situation. Exceptions may be made for emergency or humanitarian reasons. Anyone entering Taiwan will be required to follow the quarantine requirements set out below. You should refer to the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for further information regarding entry and quarantine requirements in Taiwan. A link to the CDC’s FAQ page can be found on the CDC website.

*Quarantine requirements: The local authorities have announced that from 15 January 2021, there will be tightened quarantine measures in Taiwan, and group quarantine facilities will now be available for passengers travelling from low-risk countries. Passengers who are eligible and choose to quarantine at a private residence rather than a quarantine hotel or a group quarantine facility will be required to declare that their residence complies with quarantine requirements. You should refer to the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for further information.

*Screening on arrival: All passengers arriving or transiting in Taiwan are required to present a certificate of a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test in order to be able to board their flight to Taiwan. Any exemption due to exceptional circumstances will require prior approval before departure. This test needs to have taken place within three working days before the date of departure. Test Certificates of a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR must be issued by a recognised medical institution in the country of departure and include the following information:

• the passenger’s full name as per their passport,

• specimen collection date and test report date,

• the virus name, testing method and the test result.

Test Certificates are required to be produced in either English or Chinese; however, in situations where the passenger provides a certificate in either French or Spanish, if the certificate is in the official language of the place of departure, and ground personnel of the airline are able to assist with the inspection of the content, the certificate may be accepted.

Anyone found to provide false or incorrect test results, or evade or obstruct the quarantine measures, may face a fine of between NT$10,000 to NT$150,000 and further criminal charges.

Refer to the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control for further information regarding Test Exemptions, Test Certificates and COVID-19 test requirements.

*Transiting Taiwan: Taiwan announced on 17 May that foreign nationals will not be able to transit Taiwan from 00:01 on 19 May until 18 June. Rules and procedures may change at short notice. For further information, you should contact your airline or provider. Internal Restrictions:

*Public spaces and services: Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) has announced that from 19 May 2021, the COVID-19 alert has been raised to Level 3 across Taiwan. A Level 3 alert means the following measures are now in place:

• Wearing of masks at all times outdoors

• Indoor gatherings limited to five people, outdoor gatherings limited to 10 people

• Completing contact tracing procedures when entering restaurants, shops and some public places

• Some places of business and public venues are closed, with the exception of essential services, police departments, hospitals, and government buildings. The authorities have said that work places and schools will continue to operate as long as pandemic plans are in place, and flexible working is being encouraged

• Masks and social distancing required at all businesses or venues that remain open

• In areas where community transmission has taken place, residents are restricted to a set perimeter and must submit to COVID-19 testing

Further information is available on Taiwan’s Centres for Diseases Control website

Those who do not wear a face mask as required in Taiwan face fines of up to NT$15,000.

*Travel in Taiwan: Although there is no lockdown in place, the authorities are encouraging people to limit travel between cities and regions to reduce the risk of COVID spread.

*Travelling to and from the airport: On arrival in Taiwan, you will be required to take an allocated taxi to your designated quarantine destination. For more information about self-isolation see Entry requirements. Taxis and public transport systems are operating normally in Taiwan. The wearing of face masks is mandatory on all public transport. If you use public transport and are not wearing a face mask, you may be fined up to NT$15,000.

*Accommodation: From 10 April 2021, all passengers arriving directly from the UK, or those who have been in the UK in the previous 14 days, will no longer be required to complete their mandatory 14 day quarantine at a designated quarantine centre in Taiwan. These travellers instead will be permitted to complete their 14 day quarantine at either a designated quarantine hotel, or follow the one person per residence requirement to complete the mandatory quarantine period at their residential property. See Entry requirements for more information.

For a list of designated quarantine hotels in Taipei, please visit Taipei City Government’s FAQ page. If you are planning to stay in a hotel outside of Taipei, you may need to contact the local authority in that area prior to booking or making final arrangements. For more information and contact details, please visit the Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s ‘Taiwan Stay’ website.

If you have access to private accommodation in Taiwan, you may choose to self-isolate there rather than in a hotel. You should confirm that you will be permitted to self-isolate in your preferred accommodation before travelling.

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