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International Restrictions:

*Entry to Uzbekistan: British nationals arriving from the UK are now permitted to enter Uzbekistan. The Uzbekistan Special Republican Commission is monitoring the epidemiological situation in foreign countries, and has categorised them as Red, Yellow and Green. The UK is currently categorised as Red. This categorisation is subject to constant review and can change at short notice.

Anyone arriving in Uzbekistan on a direct flight from countries categorised as green will not be required to quarantine or self-isolate. British nationals can only enter Uzbekistan providing they have a negative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test for Coronavirus no more than 72 hours before their arrival into the Country, including passengers who have vaccinated. British passport holders can enter Uzbekistan for stays of up to 30 days without requiring a visa.

Passengers who take a PCR test on arrival and who test positive will be quarantined for 14 days at a state facility or a dedicated hotel at their own expense. Passengers may also be subject to temperature checks on arrival into the Country. Passengers travelling or arriving from any Red or Yellow category countries, which currently includes the UK, are subject to a mandatory period of 14 days self-isolation on arrival.

Tourists arriving to Uzbekistan from the UK on an organised tour can be exempt from the mandatory 14 days self-isolation requirement on arrival if they are issued with a special exemption voucher. British Nationals should seek advice from their Travel Agent before making any travel arrangements. You should arrange to take a private test. Current restrictions are very fluid and are being assessed and monitored on a regular basis and are subject to change at very short notice.

*Transiting Uzbekistan: British nationals are now permitted to transit Uzbekistan airside providing they meet the requirements for the country of their next destination.

*Testing/Screening on arrival: Any person showing symptoms including high fever, coughing or respiratory difficulties will be required to undergo a test for COVID-19 and may be isolated at government facility (or approved hotel with medical and security controls in place) at their own cost.

*Quarantine requirements: Eligible visitors arriving in Uzbekistan from a country categorised as Green or who have been in one of these countries 14 days prior to arrival will not be subject to any mandatory quarantine or self-isolation period unless they display symptoms on arrival.

No track and trace app is currently available. However, all visitors arriving into the country are registered by Uzbek Authorities. If arriving from a country categorised as Yellow or Red, which currently includes the UK, it is mandatory to provide the address where you will self-isolate for the 14-day period.

Tourists arriving to Uzbekistan on an organised tour can be exempt from mandatory 14 days self-isolation requirement, if they are issued with special exemption voucher. British Nationals should seek advice from their Travel Agent before making any travel arrangements.

*Testing on departure: All persons departing Uzbekistan by air are required to undergo temperature checks. Anyone showing high temperature and/or other COVID-19 symptoms will be denied boarding. Depending on the destination country of the flight, the authorities of that country may also require other pre-boarding checks in addition to those conducted by the Uzbek authorities.

Internal Restrictions:

*Travel in Uzbekistan: Civilian airports are open but scheduled international passenger flights are now very limited. Some domestic flights are operating. Public transport in cities has resumed and train travel between regions is now operating. Care should be taken if using taxis as some operators might not be fully complying with COVID-19 hygiene measures. Under measures introduced by the Uzbek authorities, anyone subject to quarantine or self-isolation who breaches such controls is liable to a minimum fine of 11 Million UZS or up to 10 years imprisonment.

*Accommodation: Hotels, motels and guest houses have reopened (but are subject to special health and safety rules) following the easing of restrictive measures.

*Public places and services: Persons aged over 65 are recommended to remain in self-isolation and not to visit public spaces. Large group gatherings in any public place are limited. From 15 August, all shopping malls, clothing markets, restaurants, cafes, beauty salons and larger shops, as well as gyms, swimming pools, private kindergartens and education centres have reopened. You must wear a face mask while outside – you may be fined if you do not comply with this regulation.

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