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Pre-travel testing (unvaccinated): None
Test on arrival (vaccinated): None
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05/03/2022 There is still a recommendation to wear an FFP2 respirators in closed rooms. Masks are only compulsory in essential shops (supermarket; post office; banks; pharmacies; etc.) and public transport.; 24/03/2022 There is a general mask requirement in all closed public spaces; 16/04/2022 The FFP2 mask requirement only applies in closed rooms of hospitals; retirement and nursing homes and comparable settings; public transport and its stops as well as taxis; customer areas of vital trade; administrative authorities for traffic and places of worship; unless entered for the purpose of a religious gathering e.g. a mass.; 01/06/2022 The mask requirement only applies in hospitals; retirement; nursing homes; and health services.


General recommendation to telework when possible.; 5/03/22: Restrictions lifted.


Companies with more than 51 employees are obliged to follow a mandatory prevention concept.


12/12/2021 It is recommended that people outside the household be kept at a distance of 2 meters.


If contact with other people at the workplace cannot be avoided; 3-G (vaccinated; tested; recovered) proof must be presented. If the 3-G proof can be provided; there is no mask requirement. From 1 November to and including November 14th; people who cannot present a 3-G certificate must wear an FFP 2 mask for the entire working time. Workplaces in the healthcare sector may only be entered a with 3-G proof. For employees who have not been vaccinated and who have not recovered: in the healthcare sector; in night catering and at major events; can also show a valid PCR test. However; only PCR- tested persons must also wear an FFP 2 mask. In old people's and nursing homes as well as residential facilities for disabled as well as in hospitals and health resorts and other places where health services are provided; in addition to the 3-G proof; it is also mandatory to wear a mouth and nose mask in closed spaces.; 22/11/2021 FFP 2 mask compulsory in all closed spaces; including the workplace (if no other suitable protective devices are available).; 12/12/2021 For employees the 2.5 G obligation applies at the place of work. Antigen tests are also permitted if PCR tests are not available. An FFP2 mask is compulsory in all closed spaces; unless other suitable protective devices are available.


In Taxis and shared cars; max 2 persons per row are allowed (mandatory mask). Measure closed; as wearing a face mask is now mandatory in all public spaces.


Establishment of an information hotline on SARS-CoV-2 by AGES (public health agency). ; 19/03/2020: New information portal for the public with data at the district level: info.gesundheitsministerium.at. ;01/08/2020: Information for the public shared on the website of MoH and on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Austria introduced a 'traffic light system' to monitor the infection rates; which is publicly available. For now; a two-week test phase is running. ; 04/09/2020: The 'Corona-Ampel' is available to provide an overview of the epidemiological situation in each region https://corona-ampel.gv.at/. Red means alert phase and could lead to regional lockdowns/school closures etc.


Persons at increased risk (comorbidities; age) must work from home. If this is not possible they have to go on paid leave. Possible extension; but has not been rediscussed yet.