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Latest News: Latvian authorities ban Belarus airlines from entering Latvian airspace until further notice (Reuters, 26.05.2021)

International Restrictions:

*Entry to Belarus: Entry into the Republic of Belarus through a land border for foreign citizens has been temporarily suspended. There is a narrow list of concessions, including for those who have a permanent/temporary residence permit - you should check the State Border Committee website for more information. If you fall into one of the concessional categories, you should be aware that checks at the border might take longer than usual. If you plan to enter or exit Belarus by land, we also advise you to check the travel advice of the relevant neighbouring country, as coronavirus-related border restrictions may be put in place at short notice.

No one can currently leave Belarus by a land border unless they have a valid exemption as set out by the Council of Ministers. Flights continue to operate in and out of Minsk National Airport as normal.

All foreign arrivals, above the age of six, must have a medical certificate (PCR) showing a negative coronavirus test result, issued no later than 72 hours before entry. This requirement does not apply to holders of permanent or temporary residency in Belarus.

There are different requirements in place for arrivals from other countries. You should check the specific COVID-19 test requirements set by the Belarusian authorities and your airline in advance of your flight. Different airlines have different requirements and may refuse boarding if they are not met.

You must wear a protective face mask in all indoor public spaces, on all Belavia flights and at Minsk National Airport.

You’ll need to have valid medical insurance before travelling to Belarus. You’ll be asked to provide proof of your insurance when you apply for your visa or when you arrive at Minsk airport under the visa-free regime. Contact your local Embassy of the Republic of Belarus for full details of what’s required.

*Transiting: There are no separate rules for transiting Belarus, other than the requirements set out below.

*Quarantine requirements: There is no need to self-isolate or provide a negative coronavirus test certificate for BNs who plan to transit Belarus within 24 hours and provide evidence they will exit within this time-frame. Internal restrictions:

*Travel in Belarus: There are no local travel restrictions in place in Belarus. Hotels remain open and there are no restrictions in place. Shops, restaurants/cafes and manufacturing industries remain open.

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