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Pre-travel testing (vaccinated): None
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Test on arrival (unvaccinated): None



Employers can voluntarily enable their employees to telework in order to protect them as best as possible from infection. Employers will continue to be obliged to implement the following measures in the future: i) limitation of the number of employees in closed work and break rooms; ii) formation of permanent company working groups; iii) wearing mouth and nose protection in the event of unavoidable contact; and iv) creation and implementation of operational hygiene concepts. 20/03/2022 Teleworking ends.


Employers are urged to check whether the Business premises can be closed either due to company holidays or generous home office solutions in the period from December 23; 2020 to January 1; 2021. On 13th December the Federal Chancellor and the heads of government of the federal states have extended this urge until 10 January 2021. On 5th January it was decided to extend this measure even longer.


On January 19th the Federal government and the regional states decided that employers shall ensure teleworking possibilities wherever possible. On 10th February it was decided that the current lockdown will be extended until 7th March. Employers must continue allow employees to work from home if the working activities allow teleworking. The teleworking rules have been extended meaning that employers continue to be be required to allow teleworking where possible. The Corona Occupational Health and Safety Regulation will be extended until April 30; 2021. From a 7-day incidence above 100 per 100 000; employers are requested to offer their employees to work from home. Since April 19th employers have been required to offer the possibility to telework. This obligation ends in July.


The Bundestag has adopted a nationwide emergency brake in the Infection Protection Act. The new regulation came into force on Friday; April 23rd. Central content: If the 7-day incidence in a district exceeds 100 per 100 000 on three consecutive days; nationwide measures apply there from the day after the next.

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