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Pre-travel testing (vaccinated):
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Movement Restrictions:


National movement restrictions: Partially banned

Restrictive measures mandatory between 01 June 2020 to TBD

From Thursday, May 28, the catering facilities in the Republic of Northern Macedonia will start operating with a precisely defined appropriate protocol for their work in the open parts, ie the terraces of these facilities, and the work in the closed parts and in the buildings without terraces will be regulated in the next phase. ; From June 1, 2020, the Government's conclusions will cease to apply, by which different categories of employees are released on different grounds from regular and current performance of work activities, such as homework, travel to work in the city of Skopje, organization of the work process with rotations and other similar measures and recommendations.

International movement restrictions: Partially banned

Restrictive measures mandatory between 27 May 2020 to TBD

On 14 June: citizens of other countries transiting through the territory of the Republic of Northern Macedonia can fully liberalize the regime. entry and exit in our country, can use the following border crossings: Tabanovce, Deve Bair, Bogorodica, Kafasan, Blace and Skopje airport. The transit of these persons implies entry at one border crossing point and exit at another with the obligation during the transit not to leave the respective highway or local road and to realize it within a maximum of 5 hours, which is confirmed by a statement that foreign citizens should fill in the entry.

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