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Pre-travel testing (vaccinated): None
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COVID-19 rules

There are no COVID-19 testing or vaccination requirements for travellers entering Serbia.

Passport validity requirements

If you are visiting Serbia, your passport should be valid for at least 90 days after your planned date of departure from Serbia.


You must register with the local police where you’re staying within 24 hours of your arrival in Serbia. If you’re staying in a hotel, check-in staff will register you automatically. If you do not register, you could get a fine, and face arrest and a court appearance.

Visa requirements

British nationals do not need a visa to visit Serbia for up to 90 days. For further information on entry and exit requirements, contact the Serbian embassy in the UK.

If you want to extend your stay in Serbia, you must apply for temporary residence status. You must do this at the police station where you’re registered at least 30 days before the 90-day period expires. For more information visit the website of the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Checks at border control

Make sure you get your passport stamped.

When entering Serbia, make sure border guards stamp your passport. Temporary residents should have an exit-entry visa as well as a residence stamp. If you try to leave Serbia without an entry stamp or exit-entry visa, you may face charges of illegal immigration, a heavy fine and a prison sentence.

You should only enter Serbia through recognised border crossings. Serbian borders remain open for entry and exit, subject to any entry requirements currently in place in neighbouring countries.

Travelling between Serbia and Kosovo

The authorities in Serbia do not consider the designated crossing points with Kosovo to be official international border crossing points.

It is possible to travel from Serbia to Kosovo, and back again.

You cannot travel from Kosovo to Serbia without a Serbian entry stamp from Belgrade, Niš or Kraljevo airports, or one of Serbia’s other border crossings with:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Hungary
  • Montenegro
  • North Macedonia
  • Romania

You are likely to be refused entry without a valid Serbian entry stamp. You should take a route through a third country.

Border guards have denied foreign nationals entry to Serbia if they have Republic of Kosovo stamps in their passports. We are also aware of isolated incidents where Serbian authorities have cancelled Kosovo stamps in passports of foreign nationals.

Tensions between Serbia and Kosovo can cause difficulties at border crossings with Kosovo.

Vaccination requirements (other than COVID-19)

At least 8 weeks before your trip, check the vaccinations and certificates you need in TravelHealthPro’s Serbia guide.

Customs rules

There are strict rules about goods that can be brought into and taken out of Serbia. You must declare anything that may be prohibited or subject to tax or duty.

You must declare items of value if you are temporarily bringing them to Serbia to avoid customs charges – for example, jewellery, cameras and computing equipment.

Taking money into Serbia

If you are carrying more than 10,000 euros (or an equal amount in other currencies), you must:

  • complete a declaration form at customs on arrival in Serbia – a customs officer will certify this by signing or stamping the form
  • keep a copy of the certified form while you are in Serbia
  • show the certified form when you leave Serbia
  • show a receipt if you are carrying Serbian dinars bought from a foreign bank

Customs officers may seize your money if you do not follow these rules.

You should exchange any unwanted dinars before you leave Serbia. British banks do not normally exchange dinars. Do not use street dealers. Only change money through banks or official exchange offices.

It is not possible to exchange Scottish and Northern Irish banknotes in Serbia.

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