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Airline Updates:

Marianas Southern Airways

Pacific: Marianas Southern Airways to start operations on 12AUG22.

Marianas Southern

Marianas Southern Airways is getting ready to start flying.


Published on 26.05.2020
Latest News:
07.09.2020 United Airlines during the weekend of 04SEP20’s schedule update extended Guam / Micronesia interim schedule until 31OCT20. As of 04SEP20, planned operation for the period of 09SEP20 – 31OCT20 as follows. Additional changes remain highly possible. Guam – Chuuk – Pohnpei – Kosrae – Kwajalein – Majuro – Honolulu 737-700 operates on following dates: 18-19SEP20, 16-17OCT20 Guam – Honolulu 1 daily 777-200 Guam – Koror 737-700 operates on following dates: 03SEP20, 17SEP20, 04OCT20, 18OCT20 Guam – Manila eff 11SEP20 2 weekly 737-800 Guam – Pohnpei – Chuuk – Guam 737-700 operates on following dates: 12-13SEP20, 26-27SEP20, 10-11OCT20, 24-25OCT20 Guam – Saipan 3 weekly 737-700/-800 (-800 operates from 01OCT20) Guam – Tokyo Narita 7 weekly 737-700 (10 weekly from 16OCT20) Guam – Yap 737-700 operates on following dates: 20SEP20, 18OCT20 03.08.2020 United Airlines during the weekend of 01AUG20’s schedule update adjusted overall operation until 30SEP20 inclusive. For service at Guam, including Micronesia Island Hopper service, latest adjustment for August and September 2020 as follows. Guam – Chuuk – Pohnpei – Kosrae – Kwajalein – Majuro – Honolulu 737-700 operates on following dates: 24-25AUG20, 18-19SEP20 Guam – Honolulu 1 daily 777-200 Guam – Koror 737-700 operates on following dates: 13AUG20, 03SEP20, 17SEP20 Guam – Manila eff 11SEP20 2 weekly 737-800 (confirmed service resumption as of 01AUG20) Guam – Pohnpei – Chuuk – Guam 737-700 operates on following dates: 01-02AUG20, 08-09AUG20, 12-13SEP20, 26-27SEP20 Guam – Saipan eff 03AUG20 3 weekly 737-700 Guam – Tokyo Narita eff 03AUG20 Increase from 7 to 10 weekly, 737-700 operating Guam – Yap 737-700 operates on following dates: 02AUG20, 23AUG20, 20SEP20 Published on 01.08.2020 United Airlines Guam / Micronesia Island Hopper Sep 2020 operations as of 01AUG20 Published on 08.06.2020 United June - August 2020 Pohnpei / Chuuk routing changes


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