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Covid-19 Vaccination - Not required


Yellow fever (2019) Country requirement at entry: a yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for travellers aged 1 year or over arriving from countries with risk of yellow fever transmission and for travellers having transited for more than 12 hours through an airport of a country with risk of yellow fever transmission. WHO vaccination recommendation: yes Malaria (2019) Malaria risk due to P. falciparum (40%), P. vivax (58%), and mixed infections (2%) continues to decrease in recent years. Suriname is in the process of malaria elimination. Malaria occurs throughout the year in the interior of the country beyond the coastal savannah area, with highest risk mainly along the eastern border and in gold‐mining areas. Paramaribo city and the other seven coastal districts have been free from malaria transmission since 1968. P. falciparum resistance to mefloquine has reported. Some decline in quinine sensitivity has also been reported. WHO recommended prevention in risk areas: C

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