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Samoa travel restrictions

Open for citizens: partial Open for foreigners: partial Open for tourism: no Quarantine: yes
Airlines Updates

Published on 21.08.2020
Samoa Airways resumes Apia – Savai’i from late-August 2020

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Open for travel from Samoa
Crossing Rules
  • Passengers are not permitted to enter Samoa unless they meet the following criteria:
    • They have not travelled outside their departure country in the past 28 days,
    • They are holding a negative Covid-19 test certificate taken 3 days prior to travel,
      • This does not apply to passengers travelling from American Samoa.
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Flight Restrictions

1. All travelers, including returning residents entering Samoa, must have a medical certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner issued within 3 days before their arrival into Samoa.
2. Passengers who have transited through or have been in Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, China (People’s Rep.), Chinese Taipei, Czechia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong (SAR China), Iceland, Italy, Iran, Japan, Korea (Rep.), Kuwait, Luxembourg, Macao (SAR China), Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates or USA are not allowed to enter Samoa.
Passengers must:
a) Spend at least 14 days in self-quarantine in a country of last port and must have a Medical Clearance within (3) days prior to final route to Samoa. This must be their final stop before travelling to Samoa.
b) Provide proof of test results done within 5 days for the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Passengers with Coronavirus (COVID-19) positive test will not be allowed to enter Samoa.
3. All travelers, including returning residents entering Samoa, are required to undergo medical examination by a Registered Medical Practitioner within 3 days before arrival. Medical clearance report is required for check-in prior to issuing of boarding passes.
4. All travelers entering Samoa, including Samoan passport holders who are permanent residents of American Samoa, are required to have medical examination within 3 days before entering. It has to be signed by the attending physician and counter-signed by the Motusa Tuileama Nua, Director of Public Health, American Samoa.
5. Compulsory screening of all arriving passengers and crew to Samoa is in effect at all ports of entry. All are required to comply and produce additional documents when asked.
6. A Special Health Declaration Card has to be filled out by all passengers inflight or on arrival in to Samoa.

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You will be quarantined for 14 days upon arrival into Samoa at a designated location.


COVID-19 negative certification required for entering the country.

Arriving citizens and residents must show that a COVID-19 test has been done within three days before departure for Samoa.


Yellow fever (2013)
Country requirement at entry: a yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for travellers aged 1 year
or over arriving from countries with risk of yellow fever transmission and for travellers having transited for
more than 12 hours through an airport of a country with risk of yellow fever transmission.
WHO vaccination recommendation: no

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Full Restrictions

  • Samoa Australia updates its advisory, warns against travel, reports COVID-19, safety, security concerns (ADFAT, 29.06.2020)


    International restrictions:

    Commercial flights to and from Samoa remain very limited. Only permanent residents and essential workers are permitted to enter Samoa at this time. All international cruise ships and yachts will not be granted entry into Samoa. Some countries in the region have also introduced travel restrictions to and from the Pacific islands. You should check specifics for any countries that might be involved in your travel when planning a trip to and/or from Samoa. In this context, all travellers from outside of New Zealand must spend 28 days in New Zealand before onward travel to Samoa and must comply with all requirements. All passengers entering Samoa from New Zealand will be quarantined for 14 days at a designated facility. Travellers from New Zealand are required: to complete the Health Declaration Card in flight; to have a COVID-19 test within three days before arrival; and to undergo a medical examination by a Registered Medical Practitioner within three days before arrival.
    You will not be permitted to board the plane if you have a positive COVID-19 test or a COVID-19 test has not been done. Additionally, you will not be allowed to board if you have any of the following symptoms: cough; fever; sore throat; or flu-like symptoms. All travellers are required to present a hard copy of a COVID-19 test and medical report on arrival to health officers. Failure can result in denial of entry, with individuals returned to the point of departure before Samoa.
    Passengers are advised to check in 1 piece of luggage (max 20 kgs) when boarding. If you have any known medical conditions, please ensure you have enough medication to last for 2 months and inform relevant officials on arrival. You are not allowed to bring alcohol into the quarantine site or allowed to consume any alcohol. Passengers who are on special diets will be responsible to pay for their own special dietary needs. You are required to wear a face mask at all times and advised to maintain social distancing in flight.
    Whilst in quarantine the cost of accommodation, breakfast and lunch for passengers should be borne by the Samoan Government, but dinner will be the passenger’s responsibility. All children and infants less than 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Parents must ensure all immunisations are up to date. Parents/legal guardians travelling with children must ensure sufficient supplies of basic needs while in quarantine, e.g. diapers, wipes, formula. A family member must travel with passengers having chronic medical conditions, the elderly and those with special needs. There are penalties if the conditions of the quarantine are breached.


    Internal restrictions:

    A State of Emergency was declared on 20 March. Public transport, including bus and ferry services, have now resumed a normal schedule, apart from on Sundays when no services will operate. Accommodation, including hotels and private rentals, is available in Samoa, though certain requirements may be applicable. The Samoan government announced on 10 June that it was further relaxing restrictions brought in to limit the spread of COVID-19. Under the new restrictions, some gatherings such as church services, village meetings, and non-contact sport events are permitted, with social distancing measures of 2 meters in place. Markets have been allowed to reopen, although street vendors remain prohibited from selling on footpaths. Restaurants and entertainment venues have also been allowed to reopen at reduced capacity, due to social distancing rules. A ban on most gatherings and public activities remains in place on Sundays.

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  • Samoa *****

    International restrictions:

    The Samoan Government has announced that, from 26 March, all international travel to and from Samoa by plane will cease until further notice. All international cruise ships and yachts will not be granted entry into Samoa at this time. Some countries in the region have also introduced travel restrictions to and from the Pacific islands. Samoa has instituted entry requirements in response to COVID-19. All travelers must complete a Special Health Declaration form and there is compulsory screening for all travelers at all ports of entry.
    Samoan citizens and residents who arrive in Samoa but are subject to one of the restrictions above are undergoing mandatory 14-day quarantine periods at a designated hospital, but in most cases travelers are returned to the last port.


    Internal restrictions:

    A State of Emergency was declared on 20 March.

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  • Samoa

    International restrictions:

    The border is closed except for returning Samoan citizens and residents.
    Arriving citizens and residents must show that a COVID-19 test has been done within three days before departure for Samoa; and confirmation of completion of a 14 day quarantine period, before departure for Samoa. They will be subject to a further 14-day quarantine period upon arrival.
    Flights between Samoa and Australia are suspended until further notice.

    Internal restrictions:

    Samoa has extended its State of Emergency until at least 7 June.
    Public gatherings of five or more people except for church services are prohibited.
    Public bus services have resumed as long as they do not take more than 20 passengers. Ferry services have partially resumed between Upolo and Savaii. Dining in restaurants may continue. For all the above, two-metre social distancing rules must be observed. Markets and supermarkets have also opened between 06.00 and 18.00, extending their operating hours by two hours each day, but they may not be open on Sundays.
    The government plans to gradually relax ongoing in-country restrictions. Schools have reopened.
    Travel to the island of Savai’i has been limited to just three days a week.

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  • Samoa All entry permits have been suspended, except for returning residents. All travellers are required to present a health clearance form from a verifiable physician stating that they have tested negative for COVID-19. Incoming travellers are subject to health screening, which may result in a 14-day mandatory quarantine. 1.Nationals of the USA and residents of Samoa (American) who transited or have been in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington or Wisconsin, are subject to Public Health screening and might be medically or home quarantined. 2.Entry Permits, issued by Samoa (American) instead of visas, are suspended. – This does not apply to residents of Samoa (American) with residence permit or an Immigration Board approval. 3.Passengers arriving from Samoa must: – obtain a health clearance from Ministry of Health (MOH) 3 days prior to arrival; – present a completed “DOT Travel Declaration Form” upon arrival. 4.Passengers who transited or have been in countries affected by Coronavirus (COVI-19), when arriving from Hawaii, must: -spend 14 days in Hawaii; and -obtain a health clearance 3 days before arrival in Samoa (American); and -present a completed “DOT Travel Declaration Form” upon arrival; and -provide itinerary upon arrival. Health screening measures at Pago Pago International Airport will be tightened. Ship access to Apia wharf is limited to trade and petroleum; fishing boats and all others are prohibited. Until further notice.

    Internal restrictions:

    The state of emergency has been extended until 1 June. All public gatherings are suspended until further notice. Private gatherings with more than 10 people are also prohibited. Any vehicle operating with more than five passengers is prohibited. Anyone over the age of 60 years old must stay home unless getting essential items. 16.00 to 6.00 daily curfew is in place. All non-essential businesses are closed; supermarkets will only be allowed to operate from 06.00 to 18.00.

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