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Pre-travel testing (vaccinated):
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Covid-19 Impfung - Nicht benötigt


COVID-19 vaccination: The 20 June 2021 Presidential decree makes the COVID-19 vaccination (at least one dose), mandatory for all persons over 25 years of age, nationals and internationals residing in Djibouti, who want to travel in or out of Djibouti, with some exception, including for people:

a. suffering from allergies against one of the vaccines components;

b. presenting pathologies with counterindications for the vaccination;

c. pregnant and lactating women (the latter up the 6th month);

d. COVID-19 positive in the last four months;

e. Suffering from acute infection;

f. Those who have an appointment for the administration of COVID vaccines in a foreign country.

For categories a,b,c,d,e, the person’s situation needs to be confirmed through a “Contraindication certificate” issues by the doctor stationed at the vaccinodrome. Such certificate is needed for the person to be able to travel.

For category ‘f’, the authorities confirmed that the person should be able to travel upon presentation of an official document confirming the COVID vaccination appointment in the country of destination (it can be an online certificate/booking).

Upon arrival to Djibouti, all travelers who did not undergo COVID-19 vaccination, including those with negative PCR test will be subject to mandatory home quarantine (timeline being clarified).

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