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Moldova's HiSky replaces Blue Air on several routes from Bucharest

Air Moldawien

Air Moldova hat einen zweimal wöchentlichen Flug zwischen Chișinău und Düsseldorf eingeführt.


Neuesten Nachrichten:


06.10.2020 Moldavian carrier FlyOne during the month of October 2020 schedules following service, including resumed service to Russia. Following operation is effective 01OCT20 – 24OCT20, although further changes remain possible. Chisinau – Dublin 1 weekly Chisinau – Moscow Vnukovo eff 08OCT20 1 daily Chisinau – Paris CDG 1 weekly Chisinau – Parma 2 weekly Chisinau – Verona 2 weekly 07.09.2020 Moldova-based startup carrier HiSky recently further delays planned service launch. The airline now intends to begin service in early-October, instead of mid-September 2020, based on the airline’s web booking system. Chisinau – Dublin eff 03OCT20 2 weekly Chisinau – London Stansted eff 02OCT20 3 weekly Chisinau – Paris Beauvais eff 03OCT20 2 weekly Published on 20.08.2020 HiSky further delays service launch to mid-Sep 2020 12.08.2020 Air Moldova during the month of August 2020 schedules 12 routes, as of 11AUG20. Planned operation as follows. Various travel restrictions continue to impact the airline’s operation. Chisinau – Bologna 1 weekly Chisinau – Dublin 3 weekly Chisinau – Frankfurt 2 weekly Chisinau – Istanbul 2 weekly Chisinau – Lisbon eff 21AUG20 1 weekly Chisinau – London Stansted 3-4 weekly Chisinau – Milan Malpensa 1 weekly Chisinau – Paris Beauvais 2 weekly Chisinau – Rome 1 weekly Chisinau – St. Petersburg 2 weekly Chisinau – Tel Aviv 2 weekly Chisinau – Verona 1 weekly Published on 22.07.2020 HiSky revises operation from August 2020 Moldova-based start-up carrier HiSky continues to delay planned operation, based on the airline’s website booking system. With the exception of 1 flight on 01AUG20 to Paris, the airline’s regular scheduled service is now scheduled to commence by late-August 2020. Chisinau – Dublin eff 22AUG20 2 weekly Chisinau – Lisbon eff 27AUG20 1 weekly Chisinau – London Stansted eff 23AUG20 3 weekly Chisinau – Paris Beauvais 1 flight scheduled on 02AUG20, 2 weekly from 22AUG20 In addition to Dusseldorf, the airline also removed planned service to Bologna, previously scheduled from 16AUG20. 10.07.2020 Moldova’s start-up carrier HiSky once again delayed planned service launch, according to its booking system online. Based on the airline’s listing, the airline now intends to commence service on 01AUG20, instead of 01JUL20. Chisinau – Bologna eff 16AUG20 2 weekly Chisinau – Dublin eff 01AUG20 2 weekly Chisinau – Lisbon eff 06AUG20 1 weekly Chisinau – London Stansted eff 02AUG20 3 weekly Chisinau – Paris Beauvais eff 01AUG20 2 weekly 23.06.2020 Moldova’s FlyOne plans to resume scheduled operation from July 2020, announced by the airline. Upon service resumption, revised summer 2020 schedule sees the airline operates 9 routes, instead of 11. Chisinau – Dublin eff 05JUL20 2 weekly (3 weekly 21JUL20 – 13SEP20) Chisinau – Frankfurt Hahn eff 13JUL20 2 weekly Chisinau – Lisbon eff 11JUL20 1 weekly Chisinau – Moscow Vnukovo eff 01JUL20 2 daily Chisinau – Paris CDG eff 03JUL20 2 weekly Chisinau – Parma eff 04JUL20 2 weekly Chisinau – St. Petersburg eff 19JUL20 2 weekly Chisinau – Tel Aviv eff 19JUL20 2 weekly Chisinau – Verona eff 03JUL20 2 weekly Following routes will not be offered in summer season upon resumption: Chisinau – London Southend Chisinau – Venice Published on 22.06.2020 FlyOne S20 operations as of 21JUN20 Published on 08.06.2020 Air Moldova S20 revised operation as of 03JUN20 Air Moldova last week filed revised summer operation, as the airline tentatively scheduled to resume operation from July 2020. Subject to various restrictions and market conditions, planned operation as of 03JUN20 listed below remains likely to change. Chisinau – Barcelona eff 01JUL20 2 weekly Chisinau – Berlin Schoenefeld eff 07JUL20 3 weekly (2 weekly from 18SEP20) Chisinau – Bologna eff 02JUL20 3 weekly Chisinau – Dublin eff 02JUL20 5 weekly (1 daily 03JUL20 – 04OCT20) Chisinau – Frankfurt eff 01JUL20 4 weekly Chisinau – Istanbul eff 01JUL20 1 daily Chisinau – Krasnodar eff 04JUL20 3 weekly (2 weekly from 28SEP20) Chisinau – Larnaca eff 03JUL20 2 weekly (1 weekly from 06OCT20) Chisinau – Lisbon eff 03JUL20 2 weekly Chisinau – London Stansted eff 01JUL20 5 weekly (6 weekly 27JUL20 – 04OCT20) Chisinau – Milan Malpensa eff 01JUL20 3 weekly (2 weekly from 01OCT20) Chisinau – Moscow Domodedovo eff 01JUL20 4 daily (3 daily from 15SEP20) Chisinau – Nice eff 03JUL20 2 weekly Chisinau – Paris Beauvais eff 02JUL20 4 weekly (3 weekly from 15SEP20) Chisinau – Rome eff 01JUL20 3 weekly (2 weekly from 03OCT20) Chisinau – St. Petersburg eff 01JUL20 8 weekly (5-6 weekly from 29SEP20) Chisinau – Tel Aviv eff 01JUL20 6 weekly Chisinau – Thessaloniki eff 02JUL20 2 weekly Chisinau – Verona eff 02JUL20 4 weekly (2 weekly from 04OCT20) Chisinau – Venice eff 01JUL20 3 weekly (2 weekly from 01OCT20)  

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