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Pre-travel testing (vaccinated): None
Pre-travel testing (unvaccinated): PCR
Test on arrival (vaccinated): None
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All travellers

You will need a visa to visit Zimbabwe. It is no longer possible to get a visa from the Zimbabwean Embassy in London but they can be obtained on arrival in Zimbabwe.

See Visas section for more information.

Returning residents and visitors to Zimbabwe may be required to complete track and trace information on arrival in Zimbabwe.

If you’re transiting through Zimbabwe

Transiting is when you pass through one country on the way to your final destination.

Check with your airline or travel provider for transit requirements.

Check your passport and travel documents before you travel

Passport validity

If you are visiting Zimbabwe, your passport should be valid for a minimum period of six months from the date of your arrival and have three blank pages left in it to enable you to enter Zimbabwe and exit via one of the neighbouring countries, if leaving at short notice becomes necessary.

Check with your travel provider to make sure your passport and other travel documents meet their requirements.


You will need a visa to visit Zimbabwe.

Most visitors use the visa on arrival service. You should take enough cash with you in small notes to pay for your visa at the airport. The current cost is $55 US Dollars for a Single Entry Visa (this includes a service charge) and $70 US Dollars for a Double Entry Visa (this includes a service charge). It may also be possible to obtain an evisa through the new evisa website. Before travelling you should check current Zimbabwe entry requirements with the nearest Zimbabwe Embassy.

Visitors are typically given entry permission for 30 days but you should check that the number of days given at the port of entry covers your intended period of stay. You can apply to have this period renewed and extended if required. If you wish to extend or renew visas or permits, you must do so via the relevant Government of Zimbabwe department. It is illegal to give a false statement in support of a visa.

Make sure you travel with the correct documentation, otherwise you risk arrest and deportation. You aren’t allowed to conduct any business or seek employment if you have a tourist visa. Volunteering and missionary work over a period of 30 days is considered work and a temporary employment permit is required to engage in these activities while in Zimbabwe. You must have the correct visa or work permit in order to work.

Anyone intending to carry out journalistic activity must arrange prior accreditation through the Zimbabwean Embassy in London. Journalists should not carry out any reporting or official photography without the proper accreditation as there is a risk of arrest, detention in difficult conditions, a fine and deportation. The Zimbabwean government has made clear that they will penalise any journalists found to be working in Zimbabwe without accreditation.

The Zimbabwean Government uses a broad definition of journalism. This may include any form of interview, filming or photography. You should also carefully consider risks associated with engaging in social media activities such as posting comments, blogging or sharing photographs, which could be construed as journalism.

Dual nationals

A growing number of British nationals who have travelled from the United Kingdom to Zimbabwe on Zimbabwean one-way temporary travel documents have found themselves stranded in Zimbabwe as these documents are not valid for re-entry to the United Kingdom. In some cases, this has caused serious inconvenience.

Arms embargo

There is a United Kingdom arms embargo against Zimbabwe. It is an offence in UK law to take firearms into Zimbabwe at the current time, even if you intend to bring them back to the UK at the end of your visit.

KAZA Univisa

The KAZA Univisa is valid for travel between Zimbabwe and Zambia and day trips into Botswana. It is available at Harare, Bulawayo and Victoria Falls airports and at the land borders at Victoria Falls (Zambian border) and Kazungula (Botswana border). It costs US $50 and it is valid for 30 days.

Travelling with children to, from and through South Africa

If you’re travelling with children to, from or through South Africa, see our South Africa travel advice page for information and advice about the documents you’ll need to carry.

Yellow fever certificate requirements

Check whether you need a yellow fever certificate by visiting the National Travel Health Network and Centre’s TravelHealthPro website.

Exiting Zimbabwe

You should check with your travel provider or airline prior to departure for any COVID-19 requirements for your transit and destination countries.

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