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Covid-19 Quarantine
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Quarantine requirement at government designated site or self-isolation at home.

If you test positive, the Hong Kong authorities will arrange for admission to a public hospital or isolation facility. If you are deemed to be a contact of a positive case, you may be placed in a Hong Kong government quarantine centre for a minimum of 7 days. All arrivals including those who test negative for coronavirus need to undergo 7-day compulsory quarantine in a designated hotel. See “Quarantine requirements” below.

You may be separated from your child if one of you tests positive for coronavirus. If this happens to you, you can call +(852) 2901 3000 for 24/7 urgent consular assistance.

*Quarantine requirements: Quarantine following travel is spent at a designated hotel. If you test positive for COVID-19 whilst in Hong Kong, you may be placed in a government isolation facility for a minimum of 7 days. Family members of someone who tests positive, or those who have been in contact with a positive case, may also be placed in a government quarantine centre. For up-to-date advice on entry requirements and restrictions, please visit the Hong Kong SAR government’s website. For quarantine arrangements in Hong Kong:

• you are not allowed to leave your designated quarantine location/room for 7 days. This means you’re also unable to leave Hong Kong for the duration of the quarantine

• if you are allocated a government quarantine centre, you may be asked to contribute around HK$200 per night towards the cost

• items that can be taken in to government quarantine centres are restricted. There is no smoking allowed and no alcohol. Depending on your centre, facilities may be basic: there may be no fridge and no air-conditioning and you may need to share a room

Failure to comply with the quarantine conditions may result in you being immediately taken to government quarantine facilities (if you are in a designated hotel). You could face a 6-month prison sentence and a substantial fine. You should comply with the requirements of your quarantine arrangements.

See the Hong Kong government coronavirus website for further information.

*If you’re not fully vaccinated: If you are not fully vaccinated and have visited places outside mainland China, Macao or Taiwan within the past 14 days, you will be denied entry into Hong Kong. If you are unable to be fully vaccinated due to medical reasons, you may still be permitted entry to Hong Kong, but will be required to undergo 14 days quarantine in a designated quarantine hotel. You will be required to show proof of the relevant medical reason certified by a medical practitioner before boarding a flight to Hong Kong. Children under the age of 12 who are not vaccinated will be allowed to enter with a vaccinated accompanying adult.

*If you’ve had COVID-19 in the past year: If you have previously infected with Covid-19 and have received one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, you will be considered fully vaccinated.


Quarantine requirement at government designated site or self-isolation at home. All travellers entering Hong Kong, including Hong Kong residents, will have to take a mandatory medical test for coronavirus on arrival and need to undergo 21-day compulsory quarantine. See Testing on arrival and Quarantine requirements below.

Travellers arriving at Hong Kong International Airport (with the exception of those travelling from mainland China, Macao and Taiwan) need to provide confirmation of a hotel room reservation in a designated quarantine hotel in Hong Kong for no less than 21 days, starting on the day of their arrival. You should check the government’s list of hotels when you make your booking.

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