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Self-isolation at own accommodation- subject to categorisation.

COVID-19 travel restrictions have been lifted in Liechtenstein. Travellers do not have to provide proof of vaccination, recovery from COVID-19 or a negative test result.


SwissCovid Map implemented for contact tracing (free of charge).; 01/04/2022: Now that the isolation requirement has been lifted; the conditions for the effective continued operation of the SwissCovid app are no longer in place.


13/03/20 guidelines for isolation and updates.; 01/01/2022 The quarantine period has been reduced to seven days.; 14/01/2022 Sick people must now be isolated for at least five days instead of ten.; 04/02/2022 Sick people must remain in isolation for at least five days. This can only be ended when the sick person has been symptom-free for at least 48 hours.; 17/02/2022 The isolation of at least five days with a positive Covid 19 test result applies unchanged until the end of March. The isolation can only be ended 48 hours after the symptoms have subsided.; 01/04/2022 From Friday; April 1st; there will no longer be officially prescribed isolation if you have Covid-19.;


Mandatory 10 day quarantine for everyone who enters the country that has visited one of the high risk countries in the last 14 days before entering Liechtenstein. The high risk countries are regularly updated online; 07/09/2020 --> following European countries were added: Croatia; San Marino and the Ukraine; 11/09/2020 --> European countries added: Spain (previously on the list; but Canary islands were added); Czechia; 28/09/2020 --> San Marino and Kosovo are no longer on the list. European countries added: Belgium; Denmark; Ireland; Island; Luxembourg; Netherlands; Portugal; Slovenia; UK and Hungary; 12/2020 --> European countries added: Slovakia; the German regions Berlin and Hamburg; the Italian regions Campania; Sardinia and Veneto; the Austrian regions Burgenland and Salzburg; 20/10/2020 The list including the criteria has been updated. Only countries are included that have an incidence higher than 60 above the incidence in Switzerland; 22/09/2021: The quarantine regulations have been adjusted so that people can be released from quarantine on the 7th day; if they present a negative COVID-19 test result. For children under 12 years of age; this option is available on the 5th day of contact quarantine. In the area of international passenger traffic; the corresponding Swiss ordinance also applies in Liechtenstein.


04/08/20 quarantine rules. ;02/01/2022: people recovered or vaccinated with primary or booster vaccination within four months are exempt from quarantine. As previously; the quarantine can be ended prematurely if a negative test result is presented on day 7. At the end of the quarantine; as before; a negative result of a PCR test is required for lifting the quarantine.; 01/01/2022 Vaccinated or recovered people are exempt from quarantine.; 14/01/2022 Close contacts of sick people are now only people who live in the same household or have been in intimate contact with a person who has tested positive and their quarantine period reduced to 5 days. Persons who received their last dose of vaccination less than four months ago or who recovered less than four months ago are still completely exempt from the contact quarantine and people who are currently in contact quarantine can also end this after five days with a negative PCR result.; 04/02/2022 The quarantine obligation for contacts will be lifted on Friday; February 4th. People who are currently in quarantine can therefore end it on February 4th.;


Self-isolation at own accommodation- subject to categorisation.

Travelling to and from EU/EAA countries is in principle allowed. For further details, see the rules applicable to Switzerland, which apply to Liechtenstein as well.