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Total doses
People fully
% Fully
Pre-travel testing (vaccinated): None
Pre-travel testing (unvaccinated): PCR / LFT
Test on arrival (vaccinated): None
Test on arrival (unvaccinated): None


Covid-19 Quarantine
Not required

Quarantine is not required. COVID-19 travel restrictions were lifted in Sweden. Providing proof of vaccination, recovery from COVID-19 or negative test results is not required.


Asymptomatic younger children and students who live with someone who has covid-19 are recommended to stay at home; just as older students are recommended to do. ; 31/03/2022: no quarantine requirements for anyone.


For historic control measures start dates not perfectly available in detail from FHM website. End date not found.; 31/03/2022: COVID-19 is no longer a notifiable disease and testing is no longer mendatory.


Persons with confirmed covid-19 must stay at home for 14 days minimum if fever-free for at least 2 days.; 14/01/2022 Both vaccinated and unvaccinated if they have confirmed with covid-19; should stay at home for at least seven days.; 20/01/2022 Isolation time shortened to 5 days for covid cases.;


01/04/2022 Anyone with symptoms of Covid-19 should stay at home and avoid close contacts with others if you are ill with symptoms of Covid-19.;


01/10/2020 People who live with someone who has been found to be infected with covid-19 should be considered as possible cases of illness; and are covered by rules of conduct. generally apply for seven days from the date of sampling for the infected person in the household. If no symptoms have developed; it is recommended that the household contact be tested after five days. 14/01/2022 If a person has confirmed with covid-19; those living in the same household must stay at home for seven days from the day the sick person tested.; 20/01/2022 Covid-19 contacts and household contacts are exempt from the rules of conduct on staying home (for household contacts they must be boosted or recovered) but they should continue to avoid close contacts as far as possible.; 09/02/2022 Asymptomatic household contacts no longer need to stay at home when someone in the household is ill.;


FHM recommends that people who have been to Brazil test themselves for covid-19 and avoid contact with others. The recommendation comes after listing of a new virus variant in Brazil. A variant originating in the United Kingdom and one originating in South Africa have previously been listed. Those from those countries to stay at home for at least seven days and avoid contact with others as far as possible. Also; test after arrival with follow-up tests five days after arrival. The rest of the household should also stay at home waiting for test results; 23/01/2021: The Swedish Public Health Agency urges everyone who travels from Norway; or who has been in Norway for the past 14 days; to stay at home for at least seven days; to avoid contact with others and to test themselves as soon as possible after arrival in Sweden with follow-up tests five days after arrival. The rest of the household should also stay at home waiting for test results. Work commuters to Norway should avoid meeting other than people in their own household when they are not at work. Norway requires regular testing when commuting to work; and those who commute to work do not need to test themselves beyond that. Those who live in the same household with the one who commutes to work do not have to avoid meeting others; 09/02/2021: The Swedish Public Health Agency has updated its recommendations on how everyone entering Sweden should act; regardless of which countries the traveller has visited. In several countries; new variants of the virus that cause covid-19 have been widely distributed. Therefore recommends the Swedish Public Health Agency that people born in 2014 or earlier should test themselves for covid-19 upon entry and test themselves again five days after arrival. Travelers should also stay at home and avoid close contacts for seven days. Those who commute across the Swedish border are advised to test for covid-19 once a week. At the same time; the government has decided that people who are foreign citizens and want to travel into Sweden must have tested negative for covid-19. The traveller must be able to present a certificate at the border showing that the traveller has tested negative. The Swedish Public Health Agency has produced regulations stating how the certificate should be designed; 08/07/2021: For Swedish citizens: there is no requirement for a negative covid-19 test to be allowed to enter the country; but should be tested on arrival and also five days after arrival. They should also isolate themselves for a week after arriving in Sweden. Fully vaccinated people without symptoms are exempted from this recommendation regardless of which country they have been to. For foreign citizens and travellers from the EU/EEA: there is a ban on entering Sweden without a vaccination certificate; test certificate or recovery certificate. The requirements do not apply for Denmark; Finland; Iceland or Norway.; 01/04/2022 The entry ban for travelers to Sweden from countries outside the EU / EEA expires on 1 April 2022.


Quarantine is not required.

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