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Pre-travel testing (vaccinated): None
Pre-travel testing (unvaccinated): PCR / LFT
Test on arrival (vaccinated): None
Test on arrival (unvaccinated): None

Schools/Univercity closure:


12/01/22 For higher education institutions; the recommendation for partial distance education is being developed to sparse the teaching premises; but should not apply as a full-time measure.; 9/02/2022: all restrictions lifted.


Upper secondary schools recommended to conduct distance education.


The Swedish Public Health Agency now recommends that the country's upper secondary schools partially close and thus switch to distance education.


07/01/2021 As of Monday; the government gives school principals better conditions to keep upper secondary school open without risking congestion at school or in public transport. They now have the opportunity to conduct distance or distance education so that all students do not have to be in school at the same time. This is another tool to prevent the spread of infection; says Minister of Education Anna Ekström.; 21/01/2021 The Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendation on upper secondary school will be extended until 1 April 2021. High schools get the opportunity for distance or distance education to avoid congestion and reduce the spread of infection.; 25/03/2021 The Swedish Public Health Agency's national recommendation for partial distance and distance education for upper secondary school expires after 1 April. It will not be extended.;


Higher education institutions recommended to conduct distance education.; 29/05/2020 Children and young people do not run the spread of covid-19 and staff in school and child care do not become more ill than other occupational groups. Against this background; the Public Health Authority has decided to withdraw the recommendation on distance education from 15 June.


17/03/2022 Higher education institutions and upper secondary schools in Sweden are now encouraged to conduct distance education. The new recommendation from the Swedish Public Health Agency aims to reduce the rate of spread of covid-19; 27/05/2021 For adults who study; it will be possible to return to teaching on site; gradually and with precautions taken; from 1 June.;


Upper-secondary schools may use distance teaching as a complement to teaching on-site in order to reduce crowding in school premises and thereby the risk of COVID-19 spreading between pupils and staff. (The general rule in the Swedish Education Act is still that teaching on-site is allowed).


Schools/Univ. closure: Open

Restrictive measures mandatory between 15 June 2020 to TBD

The decision to issue a recommendation for distant learning for upper secondary, adult educ, universities is revoked. From 15 June all upper secondary students can go back to school. Adult educ/universities may need to continue due to the rule to avoid bigger crowds (< 50 people). 16 March: Law to allow for distant learning to be applied. Pre-school, primary and secondary school: head masters, school managers to determine, on their own, depending on local situation. 18 March: The Public Health Agency of Sweden is recommending closing and move to distant learning for all schools from upper secondary and upwards (i.e. upper secondary school, universities, adult education etc). The Government expects the recommendation to be followed by all schools. 21 March: Law to give Government or head master the power to close schools under extraordinary circumstances. 18 April: Emergency powers (new law) to be able to take coronary-related decisions quickly by the Government. In force from 18 April until 30 June 1 June: Notification that the recommendation for distance learning for upper secondary schools, univ and adult education expires on June 15th and will not be renewed. 17 June: Update under Other, Schools/Univ. closure, Gällivare municipality (1 of 290 in total) in the region of Norrbotten announces that they are closing all summer school and cultural facilities to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Updates comes later on further measures. 17 July: Ministry of Education has issued a modification in the school regulation so that when the school starts this autumn it will be possible under certain circumstances to continue partially with distance learning. The main goal of this is to avoid crowding on the public transport. The modification will enter into force on August 10.

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