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Total doses
People fully
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Pre-travel testing (vaccinated):
Pre-travel testing (unvaccinated):
Test on arrival (vaccinated):
Test on arrival (unvaccinated):


Covid-19 Quarantine
Not required

Quarantine Requirement- Unknown where. There is no testing or quarantine requirement on arrival. Visitors are however, fully responsible for the cost of quarantine/isolation, hospitalisation or medical repatriation in the event they test positive during their stay. For more information on TCI’s COVID-19 policy, visit the website of the TCI Ministry of Health. The wearing of masks is recommended but is a personal choice.

Residents who are not double vaccinated are required to undergo quarantine for a period of seven days on arrival. A negative test is required at the end of quarantine for release. If the test is positive, the individual must isolate in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s guidelines.


Quarantine Requirement- Unknown where. Every person returning to the island will be subject to a 14-day quarantine, be required to sign a quarantine form, and complete all required forms from the Ministry of Health.

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