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Total doses
People fully
% Fully
Mask is required in all public indoor, public transport and certain outdoor areas
COVID-19 test
Not required
Not required
Passenger Locator Form
Not required
Health form
An ‘Affidavit for Travellers to Prevent Coronavirus’ must be completed 48 hours prior to departure
Not required
Not required
Not required
Pre-travel testing (vaccinated): PCR
Pre-travel testing (unvaccinated): No Entry
Test on arrival (vaccinated): PCR / LFT
Test on arrival (unvaccinated): None

Crossing Rules:



Insurance requirements

  • Passengers must hold medical insurance covering the minimum $30,000 USD cost for Covid-19 treatment.
  • This does not apply to the following passengers:
    • Nationals and residents of Chile; or
    • Spanish nationals provided they hold the current forms E-CHL/09 and E-CH/11.

Form requirements

  • Passengers must complete the mandatory International Travellers Affidavit and fill in the same identification number used for the vaccine validation form. Passengers must also upload their health insurance certificate (covering minimum $30,000 USD for Covid-19 expenses) within 48 hours prior to arrival and they must complete the follow-up form for 7 days after arrival, even if they leave Chile earlier. Paper copies are not accepted.
    • The requirement to hold and upload insurance does not apply to nationals and residents of Chile.
    • The requirement to complete the mandatory Affidavit does not apply to airline crew and Seamen.
  • Seamen must also complete the Affidavit for Travellers to Prevent Coronavirus Diseases. However, they are exempted from uploading their health insurance certificate provided holding proof that they are travelling to Chile to board a ship.
  • Passengers travelling to Easter Island (Rapa Nui) must complete the Single Entry Form (Formulario Único de Ingreso).
  • This does not apply to:
    • Members of Rapa Nui people registered with the National Corporation for Indigenous Development (CONADI). If they are not registered with CONDAI, passengers must fill in an affidavit and show a printed copy to the Investigative Police;
    • Authorized residents;
    • Passengers authorized to travel for a special reason (spouses or partners of a Rapa Nui or authorized person, public officials and state companies or public concessionaires, pre-candidates and registered candidates or passengers who hold a position of popular election, dependent workers or passengers performing an independent economic activity, researchers, descendants of or caretakers of a Rapa Nui, or children, descendants or caretakers of an authorized person). They must fill in a Special Entry Form (Declaracion Ingreso Especial a Rapa Nui).
  • Invitations to Rapa Nui must be issued via the Letter of Invitation available online.

Quarantine and testing requirements

  • Passengers may be subject to PCR or antigen test on arrival.
  • Unvaccinated passengers: Passengers who test positive must quarantine for 7 days or until they leave the country, if they are leaving within 7 days.
  • Vaccinated passengers: Quarantine is not required for passengers who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. This applies to accompanying children aged 5 years and younger.
  • Passengers who refuse to take a test on arrival must quarantine for 7 days.
  • Passengers who have previously been infected with Covid-19 and still test positive must hold 1 positive PCR test result obtained at least 10 days prior to departure and a second positive PCR test result obtained within 72 hours prior to departure. Both test results must be uploaded to the International Travellers Affidavit.