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Covid-19 Quarantäne
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Self-isolation at own accommodation- subject to PCR. Visitors are no longer required to routinely self-isolate or take a PCR test on arrival in Cuba, but sanitary authorities are present at the airport and will carry out random PCR tests. Anyone testing positive on arrival will be moved to quarantine in a designated government health centre, at their own expense. Direct contacts of those testing positive will either be moved to a designated government health centre or allowed to self-isolate in their own accommodation depending on their circumstances. Foreign arrivals registered with international schools, those with scholarships at Cuban institutions, technicians and other foreign collaborators will be required to do 8 days’ quarantine at the relevant quarantine centre linked to their institution, and will take a PCR test on the seventh day after their arrival.


Self-isolation at own accommodation- subject to PCR. If your PCR test is positive you will have to go into hospital or centre being run by Ministry of Public Health. Anyone who is travelling with you will have to self-isolate and have another PCR test.

Independent travellers will have to self-isolate if they are staying in private accommodation until they receive notification their PCR test was negative.

Cuban nationals and foreign residents will be given a PCR test on arrival and must self isolate and have a further PCR test on their fifth day.

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