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Pre-travel testing (vaccinated): None
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9/06/2022: face masks are only compulsory in care facilities and hospitals


Exceptional measures between Luxembourg and Belgium concerning the teleworking of cross-border workers; 19/05/2020: Signature of an amicable agreement between the authorities of Luxembourg and Belgium specifying the tax treatment of cross-border workers in the context of the Covid-19 crisis; 26/06/2020: Extension of the Agreement till 31/08/2020; 24/08/2020: Extension of the Belgo-Luxembourgish agreement till 31/12/2020; 08/12/2020: Extension of the Belgo-Luxembourgish agreement till 31/03/2020; 05/03/2021: Extension of the Belgo-Luxembourgish agreement till 30/06/2021; 11/06/2021: Extension of the Belgian-Luxembourg agreement till 30/09/2021; 22/09/2021: Extension of the Belgo-Luxembourgish agreement till 31/12/2021; 15/12/2021: Extension of the Belgian-Luxembourg agreement till 31/03/2022; 30/06/2022: end of the Agreement.


The '3G' system becomes optional in the workplace (private and public sector).; 11/03/2022: COVID rules are revoked including '3G'.


The employee must present a valid 3G certificate only upon arrival at the workplace. For organisational and practical reasons; the employer is therefore only obliged to check the employee once during the employee's working day.


Telework is to be promoted as far as possible and preferably among the vulnerable population ; 20/04/2020: Companies; businesses and administrations are generally encouraged to continue to promote teleworking throughout the transition period out of confinement.


Luxembourg is now sanctioning non-compliance with isolation or quarantine measures with a fine of 25 to 500 euros. In the event of repetition; non-compliance with preventive measures by dealers; craftsmen; managers or other persons responsible for gastronomy activities is accompanied by the withdrawal of the settlement permit for a period of three months. The Nature Reserve Administration announces that from now on there will be more stringent controls; especially in designated nature reserves where regulations related to COVID-19 have reportedly been broken repeatedly in recent weeks. Some of these checks are carried out in cooperation with the police and relate to the prohibitions and restrictions set out in the designation regulations of these areas. Evening and night checks are also planned.


Sport: Sport activities in groups of more than 4 people are prohibited.


creation of a national Vaccination certificate Since 2 April; people who have been vaccinated as part of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign (1st or 2nd dose) can also retrieve their certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 online in their private space on MyGuichet.lu; not used for any exemptions


Temporary health recommendations from the Department of Health in the context of the health crisis linked to COVID-19; allows to lift some restrictions under special hygiene regulations


Emergency administrative structures activated or established. On 24 June 2020; the state of emergency has come to an end 98 days after the official declaration on 18 March 2020.


ECDC leaflet distribution.


The government is also setting up a distribution programme for businesses. Priority is being given to companies in the construction and crafts sector that are able to restart work on Monday. The Luxembourg Army has set up a drive-in distribution point at the airport’s Parking E car park; where crafts companies can collect their masks upon presentation of their craftsman’s card or business licence. Distribution will take place over four days in alphabetical order: companies whose names start with the letters A to J can collect on Friday 17 April; K to P can pick up on Saturday 18 April; and Q to Z will get theirs on Sunday 20 April. Companies unable to collect on those dates can still collect masks on Monday 20 April.

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