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COVID-19 negative certification required for entering the country. As of 23 April 2022, you do not need to present a COVID-19 Vaccination Card, PCR, or antigen test to enter the Dominican Republic, regardless of age or vaccination status. Random COVID-19 testing for passengers and crew upon arrival in the Dominican Republic will no longer be performed as standard. However, when required, random testing operations may be performed. Passengers who present their Vaccination Card will be exempted from random testing.

All travellers will need to fill in a COVID Traveller’s Health Affidavit before travel to the Dominican Republic to confirm if you have any coronavirus symptoms and provide your contact details. This is part of an online form, which includes the COVID Traveller’s Health Affidavit, the Customs Declaration and the International Boarding / Disembarking forms and can be completed via the Dominican Republic’s Electronic Ticket Portal, before your journey. Since 1 April 2021 the digital forms are mandatory, see the Viajero Digital website .

The Dominican Republic Travel Center website has further information. The Dominican authorities also provide further information in English and in Spanish.


COVID-19 negative certification required for entering the country. All passengers will have their temperature tested. The Dominican authorities will also administer a rapid diagnostic breath test to a percentage of randomly-selected passengers on arrival. Passengers may be subject to COVID-19 PCR test. You will be asked to fill out a Travellers Health Affidavit online, confirming whether you have any coronavirus symptoms and providing your contact details.

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