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Non-essential shops closure: Partially closed

Restrictive measures mandatory between 29 October 2020 to TBD

- 27 April: DIY stores, garden centres, florists, hairdressers, tattoo studios and beauty salons, self-service facilities (e.g. car washes), as well as medical and dental practices, physiotherapy and massage practices. Precautionary measures in place. - 11 May: all non-essential shops and markets, museums, libraries, sports facilities and restaurants can reopen as long as precautionary measures are applied. Limitations in place: archives (excl. reading rooms), sports facilities ONLY those with precautionary measures, restaurants bars and pubs for groups of up to 4 people and families with children. - 6 June: zoos, botanic gardens, cinemas and theaters, summer tourism businesses and services, swimming pools (open to the public), mountain transport. Precautionary measures required. - 22 June: no more restrictions on opening hours for restaurants, bars, etc. - As of 1 Sep: all shops are open with precautionary measures in place, but a number of Swiss Cantons have closed night discos/dance halls since Aug-Sept (e.g. GE: 31 Jul, TI: 9 Oct). - 29 Oct new measures: closure of night discos/dance, new measures for bars and restaurants (no more than 4 people per table, curfew from 23:00 to 6:00, consumption only when seated and recording of contact details), extended obligation to wear a face mask. NOTE: additional measures valid in certain cantons

Events stop: Partially banned

Restrictive measures mandatory between 19 October 2020 to TBD

The Federal Council has banned all public and private events, including also sporting events and club activities, from 13 March to 11 May (max. of 100 people from 13 March, max. of 5 people from 20 March). Then these measures have been gradually lifted, except for the large events (>1000 people) that are still prohibited at least until 1 October (extended from 21 Aug to 1 Oct, as of 12 Aug). However, starting from 19 June, after the end of the "Extraordinary" Situation (under the terms of the Epidemics Act), several Swiss Cantons have started implemented again regional measurements. Open/permitted/started since: - 11 May: certain events/establishment started/opened on condition that strict requirements are met: museums, libraries, archives (excl. reading rooms), sport as an individual or in groups of up to 5 people not involving physical contact, training sessions for competitive athletes, visits to restaurants, bars and pubs for groups of up to 4 people and families with children. - 28 May: all forms of religious services/celebrations are permitted. - 30 May: Gatherings of groups of up to 30 people (public spaces, parks) - 6 June: Events and demonstrations with up to 300 people, sports training and competitions with up to 300 people (still prohibited: gatherings in public of groups of more than 30 people, events with more than 300 people and sport competitions involving physical contact). - 22 June: Gatherings of groups of more than 30 people are permitted, as well as the events with more than 300 people (division in sectors each with 300 people). The Large-scale events (>1000 people) continue to be prohibited until 31 August. Sports competitions involving close physical contact are now permitted. - 1 Oct: large-scale events (> 1,000 people) possible under strict conditions and must have a cantonal authorisation/permit. Conditions: Precautionary measures in place, epidemiological situation in the canton/region must allow for the event to be held, contact tracing system, allocated seating mandatory. In addition, for national ice hockey and football leagues: wear masks, allocated seating mandatory, capacity limits (max. 2/3 of seats may be occupied, no seats are available for away fans) and seating is compulsory in catering areas. However, a number of Swiss cantons have introduced additional measures for large events/gatherings. New measures fro events/gatherings since: - 19 Oct: max 15 people for spontaneous gatherings in public spaces; gatherings of family and friends 16-100 people: mandatory mask, contact details recorded, food and drink consumed seated only; 100 person or more: set of precautionary measures - 29 Oct: no more than 10 people among friends and family, no events with more than 50 people, no gatherings of more than 15 people in public spaces (since 19 Oct), sporting and cultural activities with more than 15 people prohibited (exceptions: practice and training sessions for children up to age of 16 and professionals). NOTE: additional measures valid in certain cantons

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