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This page describes how to use the TravelBans API.

The TravelBans API is an HTTP-based interface designed to get country restrictions.

API access is open only registered users (to register, visit this page). After registration, the user receives a unique Token. For every HTTP request to the TravelBans API, the received token must be passed.

URL structure

The URL is the base one.

Receiving information by country

To get restrictions, use the method .

Method parameters:

tokenYesUser’s unique access key, available after registration.
countriesYesList of countries for which information is required. Use ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 country code.
Available countries with ISO 3166-1 alpha-3.

Example 1: FRA
Example 2: FRA,JPN
fieldsOptionalList of required country fields. If no parameter is specified, all available fields will be sent.

Available fields:
  • airlines_updates – Airlines updates;
  • quarantine – Quarantine;
  • certification – Certification;
  • vaccination – Vaccination;
  • airline_information – Flight restrictions;
  • movement – Movement restrictions;
  • shop_events – Shop and Events;
  • crossing_rules – Crossing rules;
  • other – Other.
Example 1: airlines_updates
Example 2: airlines_updates,quarantine

URL pattern:<your_token>&countries=<needs_countries>&fields=<needs_fields>

Request format

    'token': 'idntlxoeyqoetkds05351456',
    'countries': 'FRA',
    'fields': 'airlines_updates'

Response format

[ // List of Countries [Array]
    { // Country information [Object]
        'name': 'France', // Country name
        'iso': 'FRA', // ISO country code
        'fields': [ // List of Fields [Array]
            { // Field information [Object]
                'title': 'Airlines updates', // field name
                'content': 'Air France in the last few days filed additional changes for Mainland China service...', // content
                'modified_date': '2020-11-01' // date of last edit

Examples of URLs:

    returns all available fields of France.
    returns the field “Airlines updates” of France.
    returns the fields “Airlines updates” and “Quarantine” of France.
    returns all available fields of France and Japan.
    returns the field “Airlines updates” of France and Japan.
    returns the fields “Airlines updates” and “Quarantine” of France and Japan.