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[We have 7431 restrictions for 243 countries and regions]

This page describes how to use the TravelBans API.

The TravelBans API is an HTTP-based interface designed to get country restrictions.

API access is open only registered users (to register, visit this page). After registration, the user receives a unique Token. For every HTTP request to the TravelBans API, the received token must be passed.

URL structure

The URL https://api.travelbans.org/v1/ is the base one.

Receiving information by country

To get restrictions, use the method https://api.travelbans.org/v1/catalog/ .

Method parameters:

tokenYesUser’s unique access key, available after registration.
countriesYesList of countries for which information is required. Use ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 country code.
Available countries with ISO 3166-1 alpha-3.

Example 1: FRA
Example 2: FRA,JPN
fieldsOptionalList of required country fields. If no parameter is specified, all available fields will be sent.

Available fields:
  • airlines_updates – Airlines updates;
  • quarantine – Quarantine;
  • certification – Certification;
  • vaccination – Vaccination;
  • airline_information – Flight restrictions;
  • movement – Movement restrictions;
  • shop_events – Shop and Events;
  • crossing_rules – Crossing rules;
  • other – Other.
Example 1: airlines_updates
Example 2: airlines_updates,quarantine

URL pattern: https://api.travelbans.org/v1/catalog/?token=<your_token>&countries=<needs_countries>&fields=<needs_fields>

Request format

    'token': 'idntlxoeyqoetkds05351456',
    'countries': 'FRA',
    'fields': 'airlines_updates'

Response format

[ // List of Countries [Array]
    { // Country information [Object]
        'name': 'France', // Country name
        'iso': 'FRA', // ISO country code
        'fields': [ // List of Fields [Array]
            { // Field information [Object]
                'title': 'Airlines updates', // field name
                'content': 'Air France in the last few days filed additional changes for Mainland China service...', // content
                'modified_date': '2020-11-01' // date of last edit

Examples of URLs:

  • https://api.travelbans.org/v1/catalog/?token=idntlxoeyqoetkds05351456&countries=FRA
    returns all available fields of France.
  • https://api.travelbans.org/v1/catalog/?token=idntlxoeyqoetkds05351456&countries=FRA&fields=airlines_updates
    returns the field “Airlines updates” of France.
  • https://api.travelbans.org/v1/catalog/?token=idntlxoeyqoetkds05351456&countries=FRA&fields=airlines_updates,quarantine
    returns the fields “Airlines updates” and “Quarantine” of France.
  • https://api.travelbans.org/v1/catalog/?token=idntlxoeyqoetkds05351456&countries=FRA,JPN
    returns all available fields of France and Japan.
  • https://api.travelbans.org/v1/catalog/?token=idntlxoeyqoetkds05351456&countries=FRA,JPN&fields=airlines_updates
    returns the field “Airlines updates” of France and Japan.
  • https://api.travelbans.org/v1/catalog/?token=idntlxoeyqoetkds05351456&countries=FRA,JPN&fields=airlines_updates,quarantine
    returns the fields “Airlines updates” and “Quarantine” of France and Japan.